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Confession: I was looking for memes to that roughly fit the theme of a particular story I wrote. I found 2! Quote Quest and Kink of the Week!

The story was written especially for the Social Distance Warriors New Year Online Party and I read it out live as part of the celebrations.

It’s a sweet love story where Rachel has a polycule conundrum – how do you kiss all your partner’s at Midnight on New Year’s Eve?


Four Midnight Kisses 


That midnight kiss on New Year ’s Eve is the most romantic of the year, right?


But what happens when you have 4 different partners and only one publically kissable set of lips?

A headache, is what, I can tell you. A headache.

Not that my partners care.

Liz will be tending bar at midnight, Attaf will be asleep after work all day, Jax will be partying like it’s 19 fricken 99 and Danny? Well who knows? He definitely doesn’t. He never does.

But I care. I’m the romantic of the bunch.


When New Year’s Eve dawned I had a plan.


“Good Morning, sweetie.”

I slipped into bed beside my nesting partner Liz as she grumbled and pulled the duvet closer around her naked body.

“Babe, I don’t have to be up today. Why you so morningy?”

Pulling the duvet away from her, I pressed my naked body along her back.

“It’s 12.59, love, it’s not morning at all and you asked me to wake you up.”

“Attt twwwwwooooooooooooo.” She whined.

“But I have something special to give you.” I purr against her ear. “Turn over.”

“God, it’s a good job I love you,” Liz muttered, rolling slowly and grudgingly to face me. “My morning bird.”

“Love you too, my little night owl,” I smiled and tucked her fluffed up hair behind her ear. “And right now it’s Midnight in Australia. So Happy New Year!”

I pressed my lips to hers, gently showing Liz my love. I felt her smile against my kiss before she melted into me and our kiss deepened and became more involved.

“That was wonderful, darling, but I’m not Australian…” Liz looked amusedly baffled. She often does, when she looks at me.

“No, but you enjoy a kiss down under, right?”

“Oh now, that’s true.”

“So Happy New Year, my love.” I wriggled down below the duvet and kissed and kissed until Liz was liquid joy, sighing and moaning and exploding like fireworks over Sydney harbour.

“I like Australian kisses.” She sighed happily, when I emerged from the tangle of duvet and limbs. “Would you like one?”

“Later, my darling, I have to track Danny down.” I kissed her and push up off the bed.

“Good luck with that,” She chuckled, “See you later.”

Danny wasn’t at his flat, but TJ told me that he’d gone out to get coffee, so I tried there, but he had picked up his order and left…by rollerblade. That was the information I needed and I finally tracked him down in the park.

“Danny!” I yelled, as his speeding sleek body zoomed closer, rollerblades cutting gracefully along the ground. He didn’t stop, carried on right past. I rolled my eyes, looked at my watch and waited for him to come back round.

I stepped into the middle of the track as I saw him in the distance. Waving my arms frantically I jumped up and down. There’s no way he could miss me this time.

And he didn’t. He skated *SMACK* into me.

“Oh fuck, are you alright?” The terror dripped from his features. “I was slowing down—”

“It’s okay,” I groaned, bent in half, “limbs all attached. Just a little winded.”

I looked at my watch.

“God, I’m sorry Rach, you’re constantly telling me to pay more attention but I’d just seen this really awesome bird and I was trying to work out what it was and then I got this idea for a story—”

“Hush up, Danny.” I stretched up with a wince and a gasp for breath and put my finger against his lips. “Happy New Year!”

He looked confused and as I took my finger away he opened his mouth to say something but I stopped him in his tracks with a kiss. Danny never does anything by halves, so as soon as it clicked that we were kissing he kissed back with passion, his hands resting on my hips, then running up to tease into my hair, holding me close.

We were both panting when we pulled apart.

“It’s 3 O’clock, New Year in Japan.” I explained.

“Wanna see in the new year with a bang?” Danny asked, I blushed, nodded and ended up trotting beside him until we got back to his flat.

He didn’t even give me a moment to catch my breath. He had me in his room, bent over the end of the bed as soon as we got back. I was wet and eager, he was hard and determined and between us we banged in the New Year for North Korea, South Korea, China, the Philippines and Singapore too.

“See you later?” I asked, as I pulled my trousers back on.

“Sure, I’ve got a reminder in my phone.”

“Good boy.”  I reached out and gently patted his head.

He beamed, I kissed him and continued with my plan.

When I knocked on Attaf’s door I was surprised to see he wasn’t in his uniform.

“Hey, did you finish early?” I asked as he stepped back to let me in.

“No, I swapped my shift with Kieron, he really didn’t want to work tomorrow.”

“Oh, cool, does that mean you can join us tonight?”

“Yeah, sure. Who needs sleep, huh?” He shrugged and laughed as I threw my arms around him and screamed delightedly.

“Come on in, we’ll choose what take away we’re having.”

A few hours and a 12 inch ham and pineapple pizza later, I looked at my watch.

“Happy New Year, Attaf!”

“Wait, what, Rachel, love it’s only 7pm!”

“Yep, it’s New Year in Pakistan right now, so here’s your New Year’s Kiss.”

I pressed my lips to his smile and he chuckled against me.

“What are you laughing at?” I pulled back a bit to ask, my hands around his neck, my nose resting against his.

“This is the closest I’ve been to Pakistan in my whole life, my mum’ll be thrilled you took me there for the New Year.”

“Well, baby, my kisses are powerful and will transport you to another place entirely.”

He nods and captures my lips with his, running his hands down to my arse and squeezing it.

“Mmm hmm, I think the bedroom would be a good start.” He growled.

And I didn’t disagree.


It was well gone 10 when we wound up at Liz’s club. The place was already packed, the dancefloor a writhing mass of sparkly and slinky outfits on bodies all happily celebrating the passing of one year and the start of the next.

Even in that crowd I could see Jax.

They are one of those dancers who just get absorbed into the music. They move energetically and without a thought for anyone else around. Their sparkling turquoise dress spins out as they twirl and laugh, a circle forming around them as people avoid their flailing blonde hair and arms.

I danced and shimmied, tapped and shuffled my way through the bodies and right into the way of my dancing partner.

“Rachel!” They screamed, throwing their arms around me.

“Jax!” I screamed back, as they swirled me around to the beat. We didn’t talk for a while, lost in the the music, absorbed in the tune of our bodies moving in time. We moved sinuously, winding closer together then further apart, a samba of seduction, a tango of temptation…well, it was mostly just a lot wiggling, I have no idea if any of what we did resembled actual dance moves.

“I’ll get us a drink,” they said, as one song faded, “I’ll meet you in the corner.”

The corner is a little area at the end of the bar and in front of the stock room door. Most people avoid it as the bar staff growl at them for being in the way, but as we know the staff, we use it as our own personal spot.

Jax bounded over a little later, carrying long glasses of brightly coloured liquid.

“Happy New Year!” I exclaimed, pressing my lips to theirs.

“You’re a little early,” they laughed, as we pulled apart.

“Nope, it’s midnight in Italy, so this is your New Year kiss.”

“Aw, you soppy sod,” they giggled. “I love how romantic you are.”

I blushed, Jax always makes me feel like a naïve young girl with her first love.

“Now, you can’t have a Midnight kiss without fireworks,” They purred in my ear. The brightly coloured drinks abandoned on the end of the bar.

As they kissed me, they moved closer and closer, slid their hand down my body and under my dress. I gasped and stiffened.

“It’s okay, no one can see past me. I promise. Tell me if you want me to stop.”

“I don’t want to stop.” I gasped and they grinned wickedly and kissed me deeply again, their fingers snaking into my knickers and between my wet lips. They curled fingers inside me, fucking me to the beat of the music. I whimpered against their lips, even more when they concentrated on my clit, bringing me to a body shaking orgasm.

“Did you see fireworks?” They asked. And I nodded, unable to form words.

“Fantastic. Now Drink up I wanna dance some more.”

As Midnight in the UK hit, I had all 4 of my partners around me. Liz, busy bartending took a moment to dive into the selfie, kissing the back of my head, as Attaf kissed one Cheek, Jax the other and Danny twisted and contorted to kiss my chin and look at the camera all at once.

The photo would always remind me of the international New Year Celebrations I enjoyed that day.

Every kiss, flash and bang of it!



I love love, I love creating love in my life with people but also in words between characters. I think I do have a love kink. I love the feeling of love. And just like Rachel, I am a big ol’ soppy romantic. I enjoy taking time to share love, to show love and to expand love.  It’s definitely a driving force in my life.



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