At first I thought maybe he’d killed a man but by the end of the conversation I was wondering if I was living in a fantasy come true.

Things have never been boring with Flannel. We met on a porn board (, I wrote many, many stories and novels based on him and he wrote a piece of erotica that reached into my head and pulled out my most favourite fantasy.

I never interacted with him much past text for over a decade as he lives in the US and the first time I met him I flew half way round the world to surprise him for his birthday. He had no clue.   We never do things by halves. We went from acquaintances to best friends in a really short amount of time and we were soon essential to each other.

So, let’s get to it, huh? It was a gloomy Saturday in January. I got a ‘hey there’ message from Flannel but couldn’t respond immediately. When I did he jumped right into it. Talking about something that might make our relationship impossible!

I couldn’t think of a thing. Literally, only manslaughter gave me pause and I couldn’t imagine he’d be capable of that.

So when he said he couldn’t ever think of visiting me without thinking of fucking me.


My jaw dropped and the high pitched eep emitted probably startled many dogs in the local area.

Flannel continued, telling me I could drown in the cum from the times he’d thought of me like that. (UNF) How he’s demisexual as fuck and he didn’t want our friendship to change and that’s why he’d not mentioned it before because he loves me. He really loves me and he didn’t want to lose me.

To say I was stunned would be an understatement. Kev heard all my strange noises and asked what was what.

“Turns out Flannel fancies me too.” I said, very matter of factly and so very Britishly.  “Pinch me. I’m not dreaming am I?”

Turns out, I was not dreaming.

I quickly messaged him to let him know that he wasn’t gonna lose me. That I love him and wanna fuck him and that adding a sexual element into what we had would be fucking fantastic. I’ve crushed on him so hard forever and never had an inkling he thought of me that way.

We took a break. Him to delight and get over the nerves of telling me something he was worried would break us and me, I needed to process what I’d just been told. I’m not exaggerating, I had fancied Flannel from the first time I saw his gorgeous smirky AV on literotica. I basically cyber stalked him for a while. Following him into debates I’d normally run away from. From there I sent some PMs and we started a friendship. Or at least he humoured me. I’m sure that’s what it was at first.

I started to write about him not long after. My Rendezvous trilogy of novellas (now condensed into the Nice and Naughty novel ) was one of the first things I wrote with him as my muse but Making it Real is literally the fantasy version of what seems to be happening right now.  Hot American falls in love over the interwebs with Brit author and hot, fat chick and comes over to Manchester. Seduction ensues.

Flannel knew of all this, read all I wrote and his ego was much flattered. Never took what I took to be my very unsubtle hints that I fancied the pants off him. I slowly came to terms with my lust being one-sided. I buried it away and concentrated on our friendship. Which is amazing. Like, seriously. This man has been by my side for everything that’s happened in my life. He’s my absolute rock. I go to him for everything from comfort to celebration and I am the person he comes to with all his everything. We often start messages with the words  ‘If I can’t tell you, who can I tell?’ we are that level of bestie.

So, I know all you pervs are dying to know how things are going. Well, I can tell you that reality way outstrips fantasy. Oh, that man has the sweetest most dirtiest of minds and he melts me with it on a regular basis.

He wants to use me as his fuck doll.

Wants to make me come so hard and so many times that I beg him to stop—and he won’t stop—by many torturously erotic methods.

He won’t touch me. He will drive me wild and I will beg him, beg him to do anything, anything he wants to me.

I’ll get all that’s coming to me for my teasing ways.

But not just all the pervy things. He’ll hurt me and control me and fuck me the hell up and I’ll beg for more of all that but he will also love me, cherish me, worship me. Show me just what I mean to him. He will make me feel like a queen and we’ll revel in just how much we love, really, deeply love each other.

So, when will this remarkable man make it over to the UK? Current plans point to September. And I can’t wait to prove this is all real, face to face, body to body and make fantasies come true.