It has been another long weekend and it’s been oh so very good.

On Friday afternoon Smut UK arrived at Event City, Manchester to set up for Smut@Sexhibition. I couldn’t believe it was here at last, it seems like I’ve been looking forward to it forever.

Kev and I had the help of the wonderful Matt S to set up and the lovely Cara Sutra was already there with Minnie so we had lots of hands on deck helping to prepare our lovely space for smutty readings and selling books, treats and running the charity raffle. We put up our lovely roller banners and posters, put out the promotional postcards and flyers and got everything looking spick and span.

It was clear that Sexhibition was gonna be special, the name in lights, the sparkly ambience, the sheer scale of the place. I was really excited for the event to get under way.

When Saturday arrived we were ready to rock. Team Smut assembled in all it’s smutty glory. My talented partner in crime Lucy Felthouse turned up with Ian, our Smut peddler, no sorry THE smut peddler. And of course the handsome, the cheeky, the snuggly Kev Blisse was there and our honourary team smut members Matt and Cara soon joining us.

It was all go from the moment the doors were opened. I saw so many people I knew and was meeting new folks left, right and centre. I always hate listing folks ‘cos I don’t want to miss anyone off. So if I don’t mention you please mention yourself in a comment and I’ll add you in. My memory is awful, especially as I’m typing this on very little sleep.

Smutty Authors gathered at the stand including Zak Jane Keir, Anna Sky, Liv Honeywell and Scarlett Flame. And I hear it’s because team smut are awesome not just ‘cos we had  lots of chairs available for them to sit on.


Associated smut folks spent time at the stall too including the ever so fabulous Sister Jacqui who brought many smiles to my face. It’s always a pleasure to see the good sister, especially when she brings half naked hot men with her, thanks for that, love.


Rhys and his business partner Naz from Pleasure Emporium came by and I enjoyed chatting to them both, Alex and Suzanne from Sex toy buzz, Sarah Berry (who was dressed as a vagina when I first met her) who is a very awesome therapist spent time with us too. We had a visit from the beautiful Hella of Electrastim with a very intriguing appendage attached. She was a very good girl and did just what the sign said. I wish I’d got to go over and play with the Electrastim toys, they’re so much fun but I’m afraid I was too tied up being smutty. Not literally…this time anyway.

sexhibhellasmilesml sexhibhellastrokemesml[/one_half_last] Who else did we see? There was Zoe from love yourself online, Sharon and hubby from Temptations Direct, Dave Roberts and Dimitri Manchester (photographers extraordinaire).

davepicsmall davepicwide

Of course there was the spectacularly smutty Jay JW and Bea Noir there too.  Also the big, cuddly kinksters dog  (friendly furry and fetishy!) and  Amore Rocks came over too and got herself a sticker and a great haul on the raffle. She’s gorgeous, lovely and lucky!


The Great British Sexpert stopped by to interview Lucy and myself, the great Mel from Voluptasse made her base with team smut we saw Rebecca Lowrie the sexual alchemist and I met the current Alternative model of the Year Jun Khanbekian and had a photo taken with him. Lovely, guy. And of course the best thing was we met lots of smut readers -yay!


We saw some familiar faces from the Alternative and Burlesque fairs  too, our good friends nippleicious were inundated with customers. Zhyon had a beautiful big stall for their goodies, Kev was coveting a latex waistcoat from them, so I think it might end up on his Christmas list. Santa’s gonna get a shock when he sees our combined list…so many gorgeous sexy things were seen and coveted. If you’re reading, Father Christmas, the Electrastim paddle for me, ta.


And many things on our own raffle in fact. Some of the contributers were at the show.

The Black hand crafts manacles were much admired and they had plenty more metal pretties on their stall. Kink Craft were there too, letting folks make a mini flogger, we didn’t get to make one as whenever we went past there was a queue. good job they’ll be at Smut Manchester, I’ll make one there, yay. We had a very pretty sheet from Sheets of San Francisco who were also in attendance, and of course Cara Sutra contributed lots of lovely goodies including a beginners bondage kit. Liv Honeywell gave us copies of  The Journal and Coming Ready or Not and  Scarlet Flame a signed copy of Bound for Passion and Charlotte Howard gave 2 copies of Seven Dirty Words  Then Horny Geek girl contributed several cool prizes too. We had a fantastic Erotic Colouring Book given to us by The Moonlit Bridge (an imprint of Wooden Bridge Press). I want one (Santa, are you reading this?)

Other awesome companies got involved too Nice and naughty, sent a Lelo ina wave and various other goodies including naughty jelly men and sperm, uber kinky sent an awesome flogger and other uber sexy things, Mimi De Luxe gave us the much coveted We Vibe 4 plus, LoveHoney contributed a sqweel go and some gorgeous Tracy Cox Glass Dildos, Bondara gave a £100 gift voucher, Sh! Womenstore gave a pretty bundle all wrapped up in cellophane.

Hold on, there’s still more! Crowned Jewels donated this amazing titanium Farringdon wand which got many an admiring stroke,  and rocks off...known as the sex toy fairy as we arrived Saturday morning to find 2 big bag of sexy goodies behind our table, woo hoo! Drop of Sweden gave us this unique H2O Vibe that you can use in the shower, cool eh? Also Club Lash gave us two tickets to give away to their awesome club night in Manchester.

It was a really good day, with lots going on. I got a little time off the stand to watch the Catriona Stewart fashion show and got to see Matt S in some extremely tight latex. Wow. It was a great show and Matt was super awesome. But I may be a wee bit biased with him being a part of Team Smut!

Also me and Lucy got to check out a bit of Dr Sketchy’s. A fabulous cat burglar (loved all the diamonds) burlesque act by Luna Diosa . I didn’t get to draw as I had to get back to the stand to read but it was a great act and I’m assured the rest of the show was equally spectacular. You should check out Dr Sketchy Manchester, it’s always fun.


I did two readings and this is where the title of this blog comes from. The number of photos of my spank face are increasing at a quite alarming (arousing?) rate. And I got a couple of readings in at Sexhibition and spankings from two different spankers, lucky me!

Firstly Cara Sutra took the paddle and sat menacingly in the official spankers chair.


The very brave Scarlett Flame started our session and was a first time public reader! She did brilliantly well and I bet she’ll be back for more. I don’t think anyone stops at one Smut reading!


Zak Jane Keir came next with a very short excerpt so Cara didn’t get a look in on that one, unsurprisingly really. Anna Skye was next with another quicke where she confronted her nemesis. The  C word (you know, rhymes with blunt) and she said it with great aplomb, well done Anna.


I brought up the rear (oo er) with a reading from Fulfill Me where Caitlyn is getting into character as a western whore and has just picked up a tasty cow poke. I went over my time  because when I stopped before 5 minutes were up, Cara Pouted. I had to read to a suitable pausing spot…so I really got it. That boot paddle is mean and so is Mistress Cara!


My second reading rounded off the day and Matt S got to take on his role as Official Spanker. I swear he was doing his best to put me off as I kept seeing his crop twitching out of the corner of my eye as I read. I was reading an appropriate bit from Wallflower, my story in Sexy Just Got Rich where the lovely Penny gets her very first spanking.


Now, I learnt something with this reading. Never let Kev do the timing…he actually gave Matt the nod at just over 4 minutes! I had a page left to read but once Matt got going with the crop I think I managed another sentence or two before my capacity for speech just completely failed. Ouch.


So it’s no wonder I had problems sitting down that night to eat.

We had a couple of hours to wind down and relax. Enjoyed a lovely meal at Giraffe in the Trafford Centre and I cheekily got changed in their toilets. I then realised just how short my After Dark Dress was! I didn’t actually take any pics on the night (doh)  so you’ll have to take my word for it. :)

It was a fun evening with people relaxed in all their finery…or not much more clothing than they were born with. It was great to see people so relaxed and ready to have a good time. We had a wander round, checked out the gorgeous dungeon and spoke to a few stall holders. We couldn’t stay all the way ’til 1 but we enjoyed the couple of hours we had there. And bought a pretty shiny thing from Black Rose World , ooooh.

Sunday morning brought us back and ready for another day. We changed things up and did a tombola with the rest of the amazingly awesome prizes we’d had donated to have an instant win as it was a much shorter trading day. We still sold loads of smut though.

I got a quick sit on the Game of Bones throne, now either I’m not impressed or there’s one of those bones somewhere underneath my dress! I’ll let you decide.


It was a quieter day all round, with the sound system from the main stage fading into the background and fewer people than on the Saturday. We were still busy, sold and signed quite a few books. Handed out goodie bags and gave away sweeties, normal and some with a bit of a twist…

I’m delighted to announce that we’ve made £156.90 so far for Macmillan cancer support. You can still contribute on the Just giving page. 50% of all tombola and raffle profits went to charity, I’m chuffed with how much we’ve managed to raise. Thank you to everyone who joined in, bought tickets, gave donations and the amazing companies who gave their products for the cause.

Sunday flew past and before I knew it we were packed up and ready to go home. It had been a busy, fun and smutty weekend. I’m just waiting to hear when next years is announced so I can secure a smut stall again. We’ll be bigger, better and smuttier next year.

I’ll have a bigger collection of spank face photos by then too. I might get another one at Smut Manchester on the 24th October if I’m lucky!