Lucy Felthouse gets Cosy for Blissemas Day 3!


It’s the third day of Blissemas and the lovely Lucy Felthouse shows off her knitting skills and keeps us cosy for the third day of Blissemas. And on top of the Grand Blissemas prize she’s offering a $5 amazon gift voucher giveaway. Lots of chances to win for you! So pop over to Blissemas and follow the link to Lucy’s blog and join in with the fun!


And now for a little bit of Blisse. I’ve got LOTS of Christmas stories, here’s a snippet from my latest Christmassy release.

A bit of Blisse for Blissemas.

A Blisse Christmas Collection


A collection of sweet,sensual and hot stories from the queen of festivities, Victoria Blisse. A sexy indulgence for you to enjoy this yuletide with all the sights, scents and tastes of Christmas without the calories and hard work. Snuggle up and relax into stories of sleigh rides, snowy interludes and Christmas couplings. A truly festive treat just for you.

Includes Proving Santa Exists, Christmas Cake and Snowed in at School plus two bonus short seasonal tales!

Sweet Snippet:

When one o’clock finally rolls around, I step into his cubicle.


“Oh, yes.” He pushes back from his desk and spins around in his chair. “I’m really ready for a break.”

“I know this sweet café, just round the corner from here,” I say to Jonathan, as we walk out of the office together. “It’s slightly more expensive than the canteen, but the food is nice, which makes it worth it, I think.” I pull my coat collar up, blow out a puff of air, and shudder. “Ooh, it’s sharp out!”

“Pardon?” His eyebrows knit with puzzlement.

“Oh, I mean it’s cold—really, sharply cold. You see? It’s sharp out.”

“I see.” He grins sheepishly. “I’m gonna have to work at learning the language, I think.”

I chuckle. “Yes, and we speak a strange variant up here in the North. You’ll get the hang of it soon enough.” “They say the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it.” He nods.

“And you couldn’t get much more immersed!” We laugh, and I direct us to the modest café beside the office building. From the outside it doesn’t seem much, but you can tell by how many people are inside that it’s a good place to eat. It’s quite full, but we find a small, two person table in the corner by the window and sit down. “What would you like? I’ll go up and order.”

“Oh, er, I’m not fussy,” he replies, not even looking at the menu. “You pick me out something good.”

“Okay, then. I’ll be back in a moment.”

What I choose for us takes only a few minutes to be served, once I get to the front of the queue. I just hope Jonathan enjoys it. “Here we go.” I slide the tray onto the mushroom-coloured Formica tabletop. “I just ordered the Christmas lunch special for two. It’s very good.” I slip the two bowls of thick, red, chunky vegetable soup to the table, then place the plates of turkey and stuffing sandwiches next to them. Lastly, I set down two steaming mugs of tea.

“It looks delicious!” he enthuses as I take my seat. “How much do I owe you?”

“Oh, no. Put your money away. This is my treat. Count it as a welcome-to-Manchester present.”

“Well, that is very nice of you, Jenny. Thank you.” He beams. “I’m definitely liking Manchester so far.”

The thick soup is warming, and the chunks of vegetables melting in my mouth feel intensely comforting. You can’t beat a good bowl of soup on a cold day.

“Mmm, this is really tasty. Thanks for the tip.” Jonathan licks his lips. I try not to imagine licking them for him.

“My pleasure. Good food is a passion of mine, as you can see!” I wave a hand down my body, showing off my ample curves, being sarcastic about my size, as I always am. I find it stings less if I tell the joke before anyone else does.

“I know very little about good food,” he replies, completely ignoring my self put-down. “I’ve not experienced much so far in my life. I’m a terrible cook myself.”

“Oh, well, you’re over here now. We’ll set you straight on that score, especially at Christmas. It’s a great time for good food…”

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