It’s going to be another different kind of blog from me today. I’ve been thinking alot about this verse this week:

“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” John 15:12

We’re preparing a family service around it at church.I think it’s a really key verse with some really simple but powerful wording. Think about it. These are the words of Jesus. What did he do? He died for me. Wowzers, that’s a big ask in itself but when you couple it with the fact he’s talking about all people not just those you like it becomes all the more powerful.

I live in a Christian community where there’s several groups of people who are actively seeking to keep certain people down. We’ve got those who are adamant that women shouldn’t be priests or bishops, those who seem to think that stopping gay people from getting married is protecting the sactity of marriage and family life and those who want to attack women who have a difficult decision to make about keeping a child or not.

These people make me feel very ashamed. I don’t hold any of the above misguided values but would like to offer an apology on their behalf. Sadly, I can’t. I can’t make them change their beliefs but I promise you this. Every day I pray that they get the message of the above verse.

I’m not completely innocent myself. Way back in time I was convinced that the only real love was that between a man and a woman, my view has ocmpletely changed on that now I’ve actually thought about it and looked into it myself. Love is love no matter the sex of the individuals involved.

I know I don’t always love others as I should but I am striving to do better!

If you want to look into some people who do believe in the above words and the fact that God’s love is for everyone then check out:

There is hope and there are people out there willing to try to love as Jesus taught us to love. If you have any questions please fire them at me here. If anyone has a view they’d like to share or an example of love at work then I’d love you to share it here. I know it might seem weird to some that I use my erotica writing website to talk about God but he’s everywhere in my life so it’s not weird to me. :)