Bank Holiday Weekend was sunny and bright and I was thrilled to be part of a team of about 45 other Christians walking with Pride.  That’s the largest number of us I’ve seen in the last 3 years. This year I brought my trusty sign and my kinky dog collar with me and enough rainbow ribbon to wrap round Manchester a few dozen times. My Trans Son Ben was with me too and we met up with the ever joy-inducing Rev David Gray  of Creoginity too.


We were earlier on in the parade this year, so we moved round to parade a good deal quicker than previous years. The build up is fun, we get to chat and catch up and see who else is in the parade. It was the ideal time to catch up with my favourite nuns – the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.


I love the good sisters, they always make me smile and they do so much good, raise so much money and lift people’s spirits. God bless’em.

The roads were packed with people this year, the sun might have brought them all out. The atmosphere was euphoric. It is electric and so very special. Now, some of you might wonder why I walk in the pride parade. After all, I’m straight. I am, I’m a Straight, white, Christian woman and that means I’ve got a whole load of privilege. I’m not happy with that. I want a world where we’re all equal. That is why I walk with my LGBTI brothers and sisters.

Plus, someone has to stand up to be counted in the Christian community other than the dreaded hate preachers. Every year they’re there with the same old yellow boards of hate filled ‘scripture’. And every year we stop before them to thank the crowd around for drowning out their hate with their love and positivity. The biggest cheers come at that part of the parade when our brothers and sisters see us Christians marching for them, with them. Showing that God loves everyone.



In the above photo there’s a sign with a rainbow on it. That person there, is working against the hate preachers too. I didn’t notice the sign until I was looking at the photos but it made me smile when I did. We are happily showing that Love conquers and drowns out hate.   In a strange way, the hate preachers magnify the love and positivity of pride. Their hate is belittled by the love, joy and enthusiasm of Pride. I do hope that one day they’ll not be there, that will be an amazing victory but while they stand, a small band of small minded hatemongers, all they do is contrast against the happiness and exuberance and love of a city celebrating it’s diversity.




It was an amazing afternoon of laughter and love and unsuspecting hugs – my brother in law jumped out of the crowd for hugs and greetings and a bunch of friends I had no expectation of seeing got hugs too.  It was a wonderful way to celebrate my 1 year anniversary of becoming Rev Blisse. Here’s to many more years of my Ministry and walking with Pride.