I’m always looking for new experiences, so when Kayris asked me how I felt about wearing headphones during a scene I said yes, I’d like that. So with sensory deprivation plans made, I turned up at Kage with great excitement.

Kayris looked stunning, it was quite a thrill having such a beautiful woman lead me off to find a room.I am a very lucky ducky. We headed into the couples room which I’ve not played in since it was renovated. It’s very plush now, and after taking off my slinky dress I lay down and got comfy on the pillowy bed.

I probably should have removed my knickers myself, but Kayris asked to once I lay down and we ended up with them dangling around my knees, which was kinda hot, really. There’s something about feeling the band of underwear across thighs that makes you even more aware that your bum is bare.

Pretty shimmery headphones went over my ears and music thumped through. I don’t know the names of all the songs that played, but kink was definitely the theme. I’m very eclectic in my music tastes, so you’re going to struggle to play something I hate but I enjoyed all the high energy kinky songs that reverberated in my mind throughout our scene.

Instinctually I closed my eyes. There were mirrors, but the way I laid meant I had to lift my head to see.  I rested my head on my arms and floated away. First Kayris rubbed on some coconut oil  on my back before applying cups. It was a little bit of a surprise, usually I can hear the clink of them being moved, so I know what’s coming but all I could hear was music. The tightening of the air being sucked out was the first indication I had a cup on my back.  It really focused me on the sensation of the skin pulling tighter and tighter.

It’s strange, when cups are first applied it can be quite painful and all I’m aware of is how tight my skin feels, that increases as the number of cups increases but then, at a nonspecific point, it changes from an uncomfortable pain to a soothing tingling.

And that’s when Kayris started to add other things to the game. Scratchy bear claws, thuddy floggers including the most delicious metal chain one that I really want to feel much more of. It was cold and shocking at first, with a thuddy sting that just balanced so perfectly on the pain scale for me. I’d like to hear it as well as feel it. When Kayris got mean, I would catch the clinking slap but the lighter hits I couldn’t hear at all.

Oh, and there was the butter pat too. A flat wooden panel, smooth on one side and with lined ridges on the other, designed for manipulating butter but perverted to wobble my butt quite delightfully! Again, a lovely balance of thump and sting that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Every now and then I’d peek up to see what was going on, and I must say, I was left quite breathless. There’s something so especially arousing about seeing the concentrated meanness of a person focused all on you. Watching them when they’re unaware you are. Getting a glimpse of their sadistic intent in motion.

And I’ve mentioned how damn hot Kayris is right? I don’t want to underplay that point. Seeing her intent in her wickedness made me lightheaded. All the blood was rushing elsewhere.

Getting stuck somewhere above where my knickers dug into my thighs.

Not being able to hear anything much over the music, meant I was less aware of the noises I was making. Normally, it’s something I can’t help but notice. Usually in a good way, but sometimes it can be something I stress about. I realise there’s probably *not* an inappropriate noise to make in such circumstances, but my anxious brain does worry about such things sometimes.

I don’t know if I was less or more noisy than usual, I was far less focused on that and lost myself in the sensations on my flesh. Tingling cups, lashing floggers, slapping paddle, gentle fingers and scratchy claws. Words and music flittered in my awareness.

‘Freak bitch.”

“Chains and Whips excite me.”

“Here for your entertainment.”

I buzzed with painful pleasure. My whole body vibrated with sensation and although I wouldn’t say I felt more intensely, I was certainly more conscious of pressure and impact and how that made my pulse race and butterflies dance in the pit of my stomach.

The cups being removed from my back was relief, followed immediately by quite an explosive pain  that mellowed into an aching throb that warmed the spots on my back where they’d been.

Kayris got my attention by stroking my hair and removing the headphones. We tidied up and chatted, then went to sit together elsewhere as the room was warm. Sitting together chatting about all  kinds of things was the perfect way to wind down after a scene where I felt a little bit cut off from the action, with the sensory deprivation of not being able to hear through the music.

People might argue I don’t have much sense to start with, but I do hope to lose more of my senses to Kayris in future!