Coming out on the 9th February is a great little story of love, romance and lust by Victoria Blisse.

It is part of the My Secret Valentine Collection over at Total-e-Bound and here is the rather tasty cover for it.

It is Valentine’s Day and Jane is taking a ride on the lust bus, join her for the ride of her life.

It’s a cold, wet morning in February but the new bus driver is hot and makes virgin Jane act in a very brazen way. When the same driver surprises her on Valentine’s Day by arriving without his bus and inviting her to spend the day with him, she finds it impossible to refuse.

It turns out to be the most shocking, surprising and arousing Valentine’s Day of her life. But will the seemingly perfect, as well as pretty, Charlie manage to steal Tim right from out of Jane’s embrace or is it more than simple lust that our lovers share?

And here, exclusively for you, is a little snippet of this upcoming book!

I sat up and pulled the zip down on my waterproof. In the heat of the bus my body was over heating. Remembering my mums sage advice I took my coat off and lay it over my bag beside me. I glanced back as I did so and noticed there wasn’t another soul on the bus. That was not unusual for this time of the morning, though.

What was unusual was that when I looked up again the driver’s gaze was on me again and it seemed as if he was looking into my abundant cleavage. The shirt I had to wear for work had quite the plunging neckline, I had complained about it before, a girl with so much boob needed a higher necked shirt, but the shop owner just shrugged and told me. “No exceptions.”

He was looking at me, I was sure of it. Every time I looked up I could see his eyes. His dark, piercing sexually sparkling eyes had me squirming in my seat. I may have been a virgin but I was not frigid. I’d been aware of my sexuality for a few years but unfortunately had not found anyone willing to search it with me. I was late jumping on the bandwagon, hence my virgin status. Hell, I played pass the parcel at my eighteenth birthday party I wasn’t quite clued in by then.

But his gaze rested heavily on me and it was arousing much more than just my curiosity. A wicked idea flashed through my mind and I wondered if I could actually go through with it. I supposed it would let me know if he was watching me or not. I parted my legs a little more and rested a hand on one of my knees then after checking out of the window for bus stops and seeing none I hiked the skirt up my leg an inch or so and exposed the bottom of my thighs.

I heard a groan, a definite reaction from the driver and lust shot up from my hand to my pussy. I didn’t risk looking up. I didn’t want anything to break the spell. I put my other hand down on the edge of my skirt and I pushed down and yawned then as if I was only stretching and I pulled back the material even further, bringing the edge of the scratchy material to just below my crotch.

I risked another look up and sure enough he was looking at me again. It was thrilling, I realised it was dangerous, there used t o be a notice on all buses warning you not to distract the driver from his duty, but as he was crawling along at a sedate, country-lane kind of pace I didn’t feel too bad. I watched under hooded eyes and he did look away, concentrating on his driving once more. Confident that he was not going to crash us, I continued with my game.

Secret Surprise will be available from Total-e-Bound on the 9th of February. Get ready for it!

So treat yourself or your friend of partner to this hot exhibitionist tale of lust for Valentine’s Day this year.