Looking forward!

Today I want to let you know what’s coming because I’m excited about it all!

Firstly I’m going to introduce you to my Djinn, Johnny. He’s one of the main Characters in my Bollywood story, Silver Screen Dream which is the first book in the Djinn’s Amulet series.


Johnny can be pre-ordered right now so you can make sure you’ll be one of the first to read it on the 5th September when it is released!

Now get ready for something very yummy indeed, do you like Italian food? Well so does Fiona.


She wanted pizza, she got love.

Fiona was bored with her life but she didn’t realise that simply deciding to visit the local Italian restaurant for dinner one night would change it forever. When she laid eyes on the fit, young Italian waiter she fell instantly in lust. Carlo returned that ardour but how could their relationship develop when he had to move back to his home in Italy?

Pre-order Tasty Italian
now and be ready to read it on the 19th September.

And, come ‘ere, there’s more! (Brownie Points go to anyone who can tell me who’s catchphrase that was) because in October you will be able to get your hands on a Blisseful threesome!


Two guys, a girl and an office sex bet.

Caroline hates working at Forbes and Richardson until she walks in on Matt and Connor kissing passionately against the photocopier. They admit they enjoy being watched and invite her to be the voyeur to their exhibitionism.

Watching leads to participation as the three of them agree on a bet that makes the working day all the more fun and definitely sexier. How brave is Caroline? What risks is she willing to take to get her ultimate prize -a threesome with the two hottest execs in the company.

On the 24th October this tasty threesome can be yours!

Now lastly (for now anyway) I am very, very proud to announce that Always Christmas in Lincoln will be released on the 12th December. Currently I can’t show you a cover but I can give you a sneaky peek at the blurb!


It isn’t really always Christmas in Lincoln but when Felicity gets her man it feels like it.

Felicity hates Christmas. It reminds her of a traumatic event from her childhood. She thinks the Permanent Christmas shop is tacky with its windows full of trees and tinsel all year round and would rather it disappeared from her picturesque home town.

When she discovers that Carl, who she lusts over every time she sees him in the tea rooms, is in fact the owner of Ho, Ho, Ho! She’s not quite sure what to think. It takes a sexy meeting in the middle of a fake winter wonderland to make her release the advantages of Christmas in the middle of summer.

As time passes, Carl and Felicity indulge in more sexy liaisons but as Christmas approaches Felicity doubts whether she is anything more than a sensual distraction for the festive shop owner and when her handsome ex, Sean sweeps into town on a quest to win her back she finds she has a tough decision to make.

Can Carl and his Christmas cheer win over her hardened heart?

I’m so excited already as I adore Christmas!

So there you go, is that enough to keep you going?