Long time no type.

This is just a quick little note to apologise for being so very quiet of late! My laptop, Connie (short for Constance) got poorly and had to go away to be mended. She’s just come back to me today after 2 weeks away, huzzah.

So I promise you more posts, more excerpts and more contests in the coming weeks. I’ll bring you all the news from the Lincoln Book Festival where I am joining other Total-E-Bound authors in the Mum’s tent. It’s going to be so much fun. So if you’re going to be in Lincoln on the 14th May then definitely come and find me!

Things are hotting up and I’m going to be announcing a fantastic new contest really soon so keep an eye on the site to make sure you’re in it to win it.

Right now I really do need to be getting on, I have ALOT of writing to do in the next few days because I know you’re all eager to read the next Blisse release!