Literally Bitten – Spooky Vampire Sunday Snog!

I thought it might be the right time of year to share a bit of vampy goodness, so today’s Kiss is from Literally Bitten, a spin off from my Point Vamp world.

Books brought them together, blood lust binds them, but can her puritanical father pull them apart?

Lily loves fiction and has done since she was a child. It was her escape from the harsh reality of life being brought up by just her over-protective dad. Tom only ever reads textbooks, claiming that there’s enough to fascinate in this world and that he has no need to read about pretend places. But when he walks into Lily’s book shop he finds out they have a lot more in common than he first thought.

When the young couple take a trip to the famous vampire and human bar, The Point, Lily gets a shock. Her estranged father is there as part of a Purity protest; he is violently opposed to her, Tom and anything that the cult calls unclean. Which is just about anything fun.

Can Lily and Tom overcome these prejudices and their own inexperience to find love that will last forever?

Literally Bitten

“Okay, Tom. But my question still stands. Do you think you can get kisses in a bookshop?”

Lily tried really hard not to wink or to smile. She loved watching the indecision flash across his face. She could almost hear his thoughts while he scrabbled to work out whether he should cut and run or push a little bit more.
“I know it’s not what you’d normally expect to get in a bookshop but I couldn’t resist asking. You know, I’ve walked past this shop every weekday for years. Every time I’ve seen you I’ve been bowled over by your beauty. Today was the first day I plucked up enough courage to come in and talk to you.”

“Really?” She couldn’t help smiling. She was certain there wasn’t a woman alive who could resist such a compliment from a young, attractive guy. She was finding herself swayed.

“Really.” He bit his bottom lip, tugged at the lapels of his worn denim jacket and shifted from foot to foot. “But I’m sorry if I’ve overstepped the mark. I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“Oh, Tom, I’m not offended in the slightest. But if I’m giving you a kiss I want something in return.”


“Even more kisses.” She moved forward and placed a hand in the centre of his chest. He looked up, smiled hesitantly then moaned as Lily’s lips hit his with the determination of a woman seduced.

“That won’t be a problem,” Tom gasped when he was allowed to come up for air. “Fuck, you taste so good.”

“Language.” She tutted and playfully tapped his arse. “But thanks all the same.”

Lily threw herself into the new kiss with great passion. She was aware in the back of her mind that the shop still had the open sign in the window and someone could walk in at any moment but then it gave her more of a thrill than it made her feel nervous. And she was so engrossed in the positive, sexual emotions zinging through her that it was just the smallest niggle that disappeared with every new kiss—it completely evaporated as he ran his hands down to her hips and pulled her closer to him. She could feel his excitement pushing against her through his pants and her black corduroy skirt. She purposefully rubbed against him. Lily was a shy girl by nature but she knew what she wanted and she wanted Tom. Her life might have been filled with people and conversation and social interaction but it was all based around books and work and was never particularly personal. She was lonely and had often craved moments like these when two bodies came together so perfectly.

And he had arisen, oh boy had he. She was desperate to feel his cock. Even wondered what it would feel like inside her. The fierce lust took her over and she was eager to give in to it. Lily ran a hand down his hard chest. She fluttered her fingers lower then she undid buttons until she could reach through to his flesh beneath. His skin was cool, his chest lightly sprinkled with a few curling hairs. Tom copied Lily’s action and his deft hand ran up under her T-shirt to cup at her breasts through the sensible cotton of her workday bra. He squeezed and moulded them gently, a moan of appreciation carrying from his lips to hers via their impassioned kiss.

Pick up Literally Bitten for more hot loving in a book shop!

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