Literagasm party today!


Join me between 3-5pm EST in the Literagasm Yahoo Group for chat, prizes, excerpts and much much more.

Today, the 29th July I am going to sit myself in the Litergasm Yahoo Group for a couple of hours and I’m going to dedicate that time to chatting to you guys. So between 9-11pm GMT (3-5pm EST) I am all yours. Ask whatever you want and I will do my utmost to answer everything. Come over for lots of prizes ranging from eBooks to signed postcards and magnets and much, much more.

To celebrate Total-E-Bound being a whole year old there is a week of chats being held which is finished off with a massive Birthday Bash on Saturday. I unfortunately can’t attend Saturday’s bash but I have donated a prize for the night.

It will be great fun and you’ll get to party with some majorly talented Total-E-Bound authors! So turn up between 6PM -1AM on Saturday the 2nd August and join in the party at the Litergasm Yahoo Group

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