Lowell is a werewolf and he is lovely, I think we should take some time to get to know him. He is the star of my story Moon Shy which is released from Total-E-Bound on the 27th September.

Now yes, you did read me right, I did call Lowell lovely and a werewolf and that’s not a combination you often see. It’s true though, Lowell is a true gentleman, well most nights of the month anyway. And on that one night when he’s beastly he locks himself up and keeps himself away from the world. He really hates what he is and goes above and beyond to make sure he doesn’t hurt anyone.

This little Excerpt shows you that.

He looked at his watch. It was just a few minutes to seven o’clock. He pulled off his clothes and placed them carefully underneath his work clothes. He sighed deeply then walked over to the door at the far side of the tiny cellar. He opened it and walked in. He shut the door behind him and drew the bolts closed then checked each one of the six bolts again before he walked over to the far wall.

Lowell sat down on the pile of dirty blankets, ripped and torn and lifted the back corner of it. Under the corner was a pocket, and in the pocket was a tiny silver key. He left the key, carefully turning the blanket back down and lifted up the chain that ran behind the blanket. He found the manacle and slipped it around his ankle. He repeated the same action on the other side, until both of his legs were in chains.

He sat still, his back to the cold stone wall and he waited. He waited several minutes, he always thought as he sat in discomfort each month that he could leave it a little later and save his bottom from the cold of the floor that seeped through the blankets and into his bones but he never did. He was afraid he’d end up being late.

As the Moon showed itself in all its full glory, Lowell changed. With a pained and pitiful yowl his body erupted with hair, his back arched and his face elongated into a snout. Within a matter of seconds he was no longer a man, he was a beast and he strained and thrashed against his chains as he banged at the wall and slashed the crumbling brick with his hard, long claws.

Now Lowell may well be the hero of the piece but the story is shared with another character, Jenny. She’s a human who’s recently had an office affair go bad and ends up in a new job at the same offices Lowell works in. She bumps into him and although it takes a while for the penny to drop she realises she knows him and here is that moment of realisation for you to enjoy.

Usually she was happy to sit alone, but it seemed strange to sit by herself when there was only one other person in the whole room. It was surely only polite to ask if she could sit with the gentleman in the corner. It would seem very rude to ignore him.

“Erm, do you mind if I sit with you?” She asked as she reached the end of his table.

“No, not at all,” he replied, “take a seat.”

His words seemed friendly enough but his demeanour seemed to show annoyance, but then most people carried round an air of irritability in this place she’d found, so maybe he was friendlier than he seemed.
“I’m Jenny. I’ve just started. I don’t think I’ve seen you around.”

“No, I’m the server guy, well; my name’s actually Lowell, but most people just call me server guy. I stay down in the basements, looking after the, well, servers, obviously.” He blushed and looked down on his usual Friday treat of beef burger and chips with chocolate digestives for dessert. He loved Chocolate digestives. He was a little irked that someone had broken his quiet, Friday routine but she was a very pretty young lady and he was a little intrigued by her.

“Oh my goodness,” Jenny exclaimed, “It’s you. You are Lowell Kenyon, right?”

“Yeah, I’m Lowell Kenyon, do I know you?”

“No, not really, no. I was in the year below you at school. I used to watch you in the football tournaments and stuff.” Jenny flushed. She used to watch him all the time. She had a massive crush on him and he didn’t even notice her, not once. “You look kind of different. I didn’t recognise you at first.”

“Yeah, I’m not the same guy I was back in school, not by a long chalk.”

“I guess I’m not the same either, I’m taller for a start.” She giggled nervously and was relieved to hear him chuckle too.

Now we’ve got a lovely man who’s a little,shall we say, hairy one night a week and a sweet human gal who are quite obviously attracted to one another. I mean there are various obvious battiers to this relationship from the start, I mean how does Lowell bring up the subject of his werewolfishness (I totally just made that word up there folks!)and how would Jenny respond to finding out his secret? Well, as if that isn’t challenging enough, enter Desdemona.

Desdemona is a bitch. Companies hire her to assess staff and to cut away the dead wood and she too is attracted to Lowell but she knows exactly what he is because she is a werewolf too. However she revels in her affliction and is looking to share her wolfish nights of excess with a cute young pup she can train to bend to her will. Of course, as much as she adores Lowell she hates Jenny and makes things harder for her from the moment they meet.

Dessie hated this stupid company. Far too many of the employees were actually good, and the others actually increased their productivity when she warned them. She’d have to work a lot harder to create the reasons to sack some of those annoying people.

She had a million and one things to do. She needed to create paranoia and fear so people would slip up, but her mind was completely filled with Lowell. She had been on her own for a very, very long time. She’d always longed for a partner to wreak havoc with, and it seemed so surprising to find him here, of all places.

She waited ’til a few minutes before he would leave then headed down to the basement. She could smell that silly woman’s perfume and her sweat. Jenny had been down the stairs recently.

The scent increased as she neared Lowell’s room, and she knew Jenny had gotten incredibly aroused in there, as had he. She became instantly jealous.

“Hello, Miss Conall,” Lowell said without looking up. “Is there something I can help you with?”

“As it is, yes, Lowell. I want you.”

He looked up, then, and saw the hungry look in her feral eyes.

“I noticed you’ve done much better today, except you took a few extra minutes on your lunch break. That’s not a very good idea, Lowell, not at all.” She walked over and stood right beside him, towering over him in his office chair.

“I’ve had no afternoon break, Miss Conall, to make up for that. I assure you I have worked as many minutes today as I should have.”

“I am sure you have.” She smiled and pulled on the chair arm, spinning him towards her. “But Lowell, there is more I want you to do.” She stepped across his legs and put a hand on each arm. She was above him, and he cowered back into his chair like a well and truly beaten dog.

She pushed her face to his and kissed him. She raped his mouth. His lips would not open, so she ran her hand up to his hair and pulled hard. He gasped, and she pressed her tongue between his lips. Then she sensed his wolf genes taking over. He growled deep in the back of his throat and pushed her in the centre of her chest.

“Miss Conall, I am sure you’re not employed to do that.”

“No,” she admitted, “but I did enjoy kissing someone so very much like me. You and I, Lowell, could run together. We should run together. It’s in our blood.”

He tried to hide the shock and fear in his eyes. “Miss Conall, I am sure you’re a very nice woman, but I am not interested. Sorry.”

“Very well, Lowell. I am here for the rest of the month. I am very sure you’ll change your mind, sooner or later.”

She stalked from the room. Her scent was everywhere, now, and she knew her special aroma would drive him crazy. She could be patient. His wolf tendencies were buried deep, but she would drag them out of him in time for the next full moon, and then they would have so much fun together ripping apart Demonet employees. She was going to have that girl, that disgusting, redheaded human, all to herself, though. She would destroy the competition.

See what I mean? And it doesn’t take a fortune teller to guess that some kind of catastrophic nastiness happens between these three characters. But what happens? Does Desdemona win herself a subservient pet or do Lowell and Jenny manage to let love blossom between them in peace? Well, you’re going to have to buy Moon Shy to find out.