Legoland and London.

This past weekend my daughter and I went away, we were supposed to take my husband too but he was rushed into hospital last Thursday with Meningitis and was unable to come. He insisted that Boo and I should go anyway. So first thing Saturday morning we said our goodbyes to my husband and the in-laws who were staying over to look after him and made our way to our coach.

It was a long journey and when we arrived at Legoland it was drizzling. It didn’t deter us though and soon we were romping around and discovering all the lego surprises Legoland had to offer.

These were some of the first guys we bumped into and as we walked past, they serenaded us with a Chorus of ‘We will Rock You’.

One of my favourite parts of the park was Miniland where several Cities were reproduced in Lego. First we found London and the Mini Big Ben was breath taking!

I loved the little Wembley Stadium too, my favourite part was the little naked lego Streaker in the back corner!

Another highlight of the day for both my daughter and I was the excavation tent. From the outside it was pretty unassuming and it looked to be, possibly a real archaeological dig so we went to investigate. What it in fact it turned out to be was an opportunity to dig up some Ancient Egyptian Treasure. This was a very clever idea and Boo loved it as they’re learning all about the Ancient Egyptians in School.

I think it says a lot about me that one of my favourite lego pieces was in fact the sign for the toilets. And Yes, I did take a photo of it!

The firework display in the evening was spectacular! I am afraid I have no photos as I was too busy enjoying them. My favourites were the ones that exploded then trickled down like waterfalls in the Sky.

The next day we visited London and got a small guided tour by our coach driver. It was very interesting and we got to compare the mini Big Ben to Big Ben in the Flesh!

We disembarked at Marble Arch and went to do some shopping before enjoying an hour in Hyde Park watching the world go by and listening to the various people on their soapboxes (well, step ladders mostly) at Speakers Corner.

Then we walked past the Marble Arch once more to get the coach home.

It was a great weekend and very tiring! I hope you enjoyed my edited highlights. :)

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