“Wanna sit on my face?”

My husband asks the most silly questions sometimes. I ALWAYS want to sit on his face.
But you know, sometimes it’s not appropriate.

This time, it was. I was ready to head to bed but passion took over as we hugged and kissed and oral sex is always a good reason to delay bedtime.

Kev has been letting me sit on his face for over two decades and by God, he is good, so damn good with his tongue. And his lips. And even the curve of his nose can be stimulating.

When he goes down on me, I usually come in one big, explosive climax that leaves me shuddering and sensitive and unable to move for a while.

Not always.

Not that time.

I don’t know what was different, maybe it was the angle I was at over the arm of the sofa or the way he was lying but I just kept riding his face and coming.

Waves and rolls of orgasmic pleasure that I didn’t want to stop. He’d slurp and suck and lick and drink down my juices, waiting for me to pull away, but I just continued to fuck against his face as orgasm after orgasm shook me.

In fact my knees gave away before I did.

I perched on the arm of the chair and watched him pleasure himself for a while, idly playing with my cunt until I asked him if he wanted to eat me some more.

It was his turn to eagerly respond with a growled yes.

I was shaking, from head to toe. I was bucking and grinding, sweating and cursing and just completely immersed in the act of being eaten out.

When we were both sated, we slumped together, gasping and -panting for breath. I slept really well that night but the next day, oooh, my knees ached.

I might have hissed and ouched with pain but I didn’t complain once. Knee pain from repetitive face sitting is a price I’m more than willing to pay!


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