Kept in Mind


It only takes
A single stray thought
To have me
Hot, wet and needing
My own hand brushing my neck
Makes me crave
For yours around my throat
Squeezing until I’m breathless.
Scents unlock memories
of firsts.
Fierce kitchen kisses
flat against the wall.
My lips feel strangely light
without the weight of
yours on mine.
Pinching bracelet snapping against flesh
Fires desire for your
Teeth digging deep
Your fingers gripping tight
Leaving imprints
That will ache
And throb
And feed my want of
My mind wanders
to darkened corners
erotic memories
like film scenes
I want to scream
your name.
I am aflame


wearing this bracelet made me crave my pain. Sometimes it’s the most mundane things the set me craving.


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