Keep Calm…

but there’s only 2 weeks ’til the release of The Vampire’s Choice book three in the Point Vamp Series.


Want to know more? Okay then, here’s the blurb:

Book three in the Point Vamp Series:

A crazy vampire or an ice-queen human, it’s not much of a choice but it is the one Kyle has to make.

Kyle may be undead, but he still lives at home with his Gran and works in a supermarket stacking shelves with his mates. His life hasn’t changed much, apart from being dead and having to suck blood from live humans to survive.

Luckily he knows The Point, a vampire bar where the humans are hot, tasty and eager to please. Well, most of them are. Janine is the exception. She is cold and distant, but from the first time he meets her, Kyle is smitten.

But he has a problem. A hot but crazy female vamp has got him in her sights and she’ll stop at nothing to get him all to herself.

Kyle has a decision to make and it will change his afterlife forever. Who will he chose?

Reader Advisory: This book contains Blood Sucking, Neck biting and other violence.

Now, I’ve not got my cover art for this book yet (it was moved up in the release schedule quite dramatically) but my incredibly talented Husband Kevin Mitnik of SexyReads fame has made me an awesomesauce poster. Do you want to see? Good, ‘cos I want to share it!


Any previous visitors to The Point will realise what this means but for any newbies to my Point Vamp Series I’ll explain. My Vampires don’t kill, usually. They go to a club called The Point where they pay lovely human peoples to let them suck their blood for ten seconds. But it’s not just that, they bring the human to orgasm first as orgasmic blood is so much stronger and keeps the vampire sated for longer.

Now, I’m going to share a pre-realease excerpt with you (oooooh, exciting) to explain the significance of the three drops of blood on the poster. It’s something new I’ve introduced in The Vampire’s Choice:

It wasn’t that bad being a vampire. I’m glad I found out about The Point early on though. That bar saved my skin a time or two. I’m not sure what I would have done if I hadn’t discovered it. Starved to death, probably. There’s no way on God’s green Earth that I would have been able to kill someone, even if I did need their blood to live myself.

The ten second rule worked well, and there were always willing victims at The Point. I thought it was a bit sleazy at first, approaching a woman, offering her money then taking her off into one of the back rooms for sex, an orgasm and a ten second sucking, but then I met Janine. It was not a fairy tale beginning. I stood on her toe and in reaction she poured her drink down my front.

“Oh, I am sorry,” I flustered, “are you all right?”

Her frosty look was not just down to the colour of her eyes but the emotion behind it. If my blood had been heated she would have frozen it in my veins. I have never seen such blue eyes before—my own are pale and mellow, hers are like frost on the coldest winter’s day.

“I am fine, thank you,” she snapped, “but now I need a new drink.”

“Let me get you one.” I was disturbed by the intensity of her stare. “What are you drinking?”

“Red wine.” She sniffed and I turned to the bar to buy her one, wondering how I’d explain the stain on my shirt to Gran when I got home. When I passed her the replacement glass, she graced me with an icy ‘Thank you’.

“Again, I’m sorry,” I said. Even as a vampire I was incapable of dealing with someone disliking me. “I will watch where I put my huge feet in future.”

“Look,” she said, placing a hand on my arm, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have been so snappy. Thank you for replacing my drink for me.”

“Oh, it’s the least I could do,” I replied, then I decided to do something unusual for me. I plucked up all my courage and waded in. “I know it’s a bit of an outside chance and I’m ready for you to shoot me down, but I couldn’t help but notice you’re wearing your blood drops and I was wondering if you’d like to come back to the VIP rooms with me.”

You see, regulars at The Point could purchase little pins in the shape of a blood drop. One meant they were newbies, two meant they’d been regularly drunk from and three was for the few who’d been fed upon fifty times or more. Most vampires would avoid approaching people who didn’t display these drops, whereas some purposefully avoided them. I looked for women with two drops at least, and Janine had three.

“Well, sure, why not?” She smiled for the first time since I’d met her and it was a beautiful smile that completely changed her face for the good. “But I do things differently, it’s only fair to tell you that now.”

“Different can be good,” I replied with a smirk.

“And I’m expensive,” she added, “I won’t even move from here for less than one hundred pounds.”

“I can afford that,” I said without thinking. I was at the time working in a supermarket, but as a vamp I found I spent less money on consumables and more on blood. I was hungry and I wanted her, which seemed strange, even to me. She’d been less than nice and so terribly icy, but there had been something in her smile that had sparked my desire. “Well, lead on, then.” She grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the VIP doors.

I wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing, but at that point the blood lust had taken over.

Aren’t you intrigued? Well, I may be persuaded to share more with you between now and the book release on the 16th April if you’re good. ;)