Just Lovely! A review of the Lovely 2.0


I was sent the Lovely 2.0 Cock Ring for review and was delighted when it arrived. The box looks good, it’s minimalistic but not devoid of information and shows off the product inside.

On opening we found the Lovely 2.0 which is a wonderful shade of turquoise/sea green which is a bit out of the ordinary for sex toys, so I applaud that. It feels soft and matte in the hand and it stretches quite easily, which is something you want in a cock ring.

In the box is a charging plate and a cable. It’s quite a good set up once you get the lovely in just the right spot. Can be a little tricky and to be honest, might be a little more effort than just a USB cable. However, this means the Lovely 2.0 is a completely sealed toy, no charging port hole which means it’s smooth all over and it can be used with any QI plate, if you have one for your phone.

As mentioned it’s pretty stretchy. We used it on my husband and also round a dildo and it sat happily on both. Vibration-wise I found it a little lacking. I mean, it added a pleasant rumble to proceedings but there wasn’t enough rumble to cause orgasm. Mr Blisse was equally not so tickled by the vibes.  However, you could definitely use this to your advantage if you were playing with orgasm denial.

We tried the Lovely 2.0 on a dildo too. It worked well in adding another dimension to the play but again, my orgasm came from his fingers on my clit, not the Lovely 2.0.


We had a go with the app, but I must confess we didn’t persist with it. It wants a lot of access (my husband especially was worried by that) and is constantly prompting you to pay for an extra service that gives you personalised suggestions to improve your sex and offers access to sex educators. At $29.99 a month that seems pretty steep. My hubby used the app to control the lovely once, but got frustrated with it. It wasn’t any stronger than using without the app though.

Now, if you’re happy to give the app access (there is an FAQ explaining why it wants access) and you’re really looking for specialised advice and suggestions for improving your sex life then the Lovely app may very well be of help to you. Mr Blisse and I have had 18 years practise in pleasing each other so I think we’ve pretty much got all the bases covered, ta. ;)

A fun little play thing for people who don’t like their vibrations to be too intense, the Lovely 2.0 is body safe, soft and comes with its own charger. It didn’t quite do it for me and Mr Blisse but we did have fun playing with it. So thanks Lovely for the opportunity.

There are definitely fun, kinky applications to this cock ring. Maybe a third person could control it by app whilst watching a couple fuck? In the same room, a different room or even a different country! That could definitely be hot. There’s massive scope for orgasm denial for the penis owner wearing the device and/or for the person being fucked.   So if any of these things appeal, give the lovely 2.0 a try!  And if you use the Discount code SMUTHQ at the checkout you’ll get $10 off. Nice!


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