Sometimes me and Mr Blisse get in after an event and just collapse into bed. This was not one of those times.

We were both revved up and kisses moved on to caresses and caresses moved to his fingers inside me and on my clit. I came quickly. Not unusually for me. I had been teased and then well beaten at play club, I was already very turned on.

What was more unusual was that the explosive orgasm wasn’t enough. It was like a switch was flicked and an electric hum of ecstasy enveloped me. Every further touch, set off explosions in my body and brain.

Kev talked dirty too me. It’s a favourite thing of mine, my imagination is my biggest erogenous zone. I can’t remember what he said now, but fuck, it was hot.

I do remember being straddled across his lap, his lips by my ear, his fingers on my clit and him whispering

“Come for me.”
And I did.

I begged him not to stop, he didn’t but we changed positions. I leaned back against the sofa arm (the scratch marks on my back stinging) my butt on his legs, open to him.

He grabbed for his kit bag. And the evil tantus paddle I mostly hate (but not so much to make it a hard limit) was pulled out and slapped first on my inner thighs and then on my cunt.

Gently enough that it didn’t break me but hard enough to hurt. Each slap sparked euphoric explosions and I spread my legs wider and begged for more.

He gave me more in an unexpected way, turning the paddle around and using the handle to fuck me. The handle is made just for that and the curved end had it striking my g spot so the ecstasy continued to roll.

After a while he introduced something new. The lovely. It’s a vibrating cock ring device. He looped it around the tantus and made sure the pointed end pressed against my clit so I could feel the vibrations.

My clit vibrated, my cunt was full and I just rolled through ecstasy to ecstasy completely enrobed in bliss.

When Kev pulled out the lil fecker (hard rubber paddle made by our mate Sensei) my breath caught in my throat. I whimpered. He held it over my breast. I whimpered more.

He hit the right breast first and I cried out in pain that melted into the rolling orgasmic ecstasy that still filled me.

He hit the left not long after and I screamed in pleasure pain. Then begged him not to hit me again. It was just enough. I didn’t want to hurt more at that moment. I wanted to ride the rapture even more.

I did. I rode it until I just couldn’t take any more. I was spent. Joyfully so.