Joyful Explosions


It was a hands on kind of night.

Every opportunity, we touched. He grabbed my hand because his were cold, I grabbed his thigh because, well, it was there and I wanted to. We pressed against each other, he especially enjoyed that when I was stood up and his face was at boob height.

And I especially enjoyed the gentle, barely there gentle fingertip brushes over hot, welted and bruised skin on my thigh.

It was palpable, the need to touch. And when we got home, it continued. Palantilin helped me take of my dress.

“It’s weird,” I said, into the echoing silence, “I feel so nervous taking my clothes of in front of you now when I was sat naked next to you before.” I pulled off my clothes and quickly threw on my nightdress.

I don’t know why. I suppose I didn’t want to assume we’d do anything sexy.

But we did sexy things. He took off his top and I tried not to stare and drool but DAMN.


I went in to hug him and the hug turned into a kiss. A kiss that didn’t stop. A kiss that grew and evolved and involved hands and lip biting and moans. His hand dipped between my thighs and I was thrilled. I’d been hot and wet all night and the relief of his fingers on my clit was immense and immediate.

I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t stop kissing, I couldn’t think. I could just feel the mounting pleasure, my legs shook with it and I grabbed on all the harder to Palantilin, panting against his lips as he coaxed my orgasm out into the open.
I happily collapsed to the floor as he sat on the sofa and pulled out his cock. Oh, he feels so good in my mouth and I love the way he wraps his fingers in my hair and guides my movements. I love it when he calls me good girl and I love it when he lets a little gasp or moan escape as I suck and lick and devour his dick .

“How far can we go?”

He asked. I wish I thought of something witty like:

“As far as the petrol in the tank lasts.”

But my mind had honestly gone blank.

“Because I want to fuck you.”

“I want that,” I replied. Oh, how i wanted it. I’d been thinking about it ever since we first played. I longed to feel him filling me.

“Bend over.”

I knelt on the sofa and whimpered when I felt him press against my lips. I moaned in great delight as he sunk into me, I felt every ridge, every pulse he stretched me around him until he was deep within my cunt.

“Oh my God, you’re so tight.” He groaned.

I always am after a beating. And it is glorious. Every movement of his hips sent me into raptures. I was full, so full. Every thrust made me aware of a lack and then a filling. Every stroke caressed all my internal buttons and I crooned with utter delight, ecstasy rolling through me like a tide.

I’m lucky that I can come with internal stimulation, and I came and I came and I came. Doggy works really well for me, it not only brings great pleasure it releases some kind of extra wantonness. I feel so slutty, so much like an object to be used for his pleasure.

And then he spanked me and I just melted. Spanked and squeezed reddened, bruising flesh adding paingasms to orgasms and overwhelming me with lust. When he pulled out of me, I was bereft for a moment, until he sat down and pulled me into his lap.

Palantilin is lean and slight. I must admit for a moment I was afraid I might crush him, but I sat on his lap, my knees spread around him, his hands on my hips, mine on his shoulders and slid down onto his cock and by that point I was incapable of thought.

As much as I love the objectification of being taken from behind, I love the connection of being face to face just as much. To look into his eyes, God, he has such pretty eyes. Like mine, a mix of greens and browns,I lost myself in his gaze, was pulled into his smile. Such joy flowed between us.

I threw off my nightdress, laughing about how I didn’t know why I’d put it on. He just beamed so widely and leaned in to kiss my chest.I pressed my face into his soft hair, inhaling his crisp freshness. I held him to me, enveloping him in my dips and soft curves. He was in me, under me, around me. Just like we melted and melded together.

There is something so viscerally erotic about being ordered to your knees, something so pleasing about filling your mouth with eager cock. I was moaning and gurgling my delight as Palantilin fucked my face, wanking against my lips, onto my tongue. He came and I lapped and licked up as much of his cum as possible, a little dribbled down my chin.

I smiled up at him and he smiled back. We laughed, together, literal glee just exploding out like the preceding orgasms had.

That man really has a habit of putting a smile on my face.

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