Now, I’m going to assume you’ve found you’re way here ‘cos you know me or know of me. Now if you do it’s likely that you know me as Victoria Blisse Erotica author and Mistress of Smut.UK. But today I’m not going to be showing off my books or letting you see a glimpse into the world of Smut events and erotic tombolas. There’s much more to what I do these days.

It’s strange really, I started writing around 15 years ago simply to entertain myself and others but since I started that has constantly been changing. From 2006 when I was first published, to getting my work into print and last year celebrating my 10 year anniversary of being a published author with the release of Tender.

There’s been an awful lot of fiction written over that time, that’s true but as my role has changed with the addition of organising events for authors, readers, sex bloggers and smutty people of all kinds, so has the writing I do.

I’ve met many people, created new connections not just through my events but through wonderful things like eroticon and the ETO show too. As I meet more folks, get involved with more companies because of our Erotic Tombola I find myself doing new things all the time. It’s great. It keeps me busy, possibly young but definitely engaged. I love new challenges.

So when the lovely folks at Kinkcraft asked me to write some articles for them last year, I jumped at the opportunity. My first article for them was Being Kinky and Single on Valentine’s Day and I’ve been writing for them regularly since.  I’ve covered loads of topics in the time, Sexercise, Fantasies that should stay just that  (which was a challenge!) Writing your own erotica , Kink at Christmas (my fave time of the year)and even Erotic Sketching (I can’t draw well but it’s fun to try).

Kink and Religion is the latest one I’ve written and was probably the most challenging to write, simply because it’s always difficult to get a balance when writing about your own experience whilst trying to give advice. I really wanted to write it though as my latest development is becoming Reverend Blisse.

I’ve also recently taken on a really incredibly exciting role. Back at Eroticon 2017 I met the lovely Miguel and Mark of We talked loads and they told me about another of their sites, and asked me to become a ambassador! How exciting is that? I’ve not seen any ferrero rocher yet  but it’s a pretty cool title to hold. As Ambassador I’ve been doing lots of writing for and my first article went live on the site this week.

And funnily enough it’s called ‘What do Sex, Spiritiuality and BDSM have in Common?‘ Can you see a theme? There will be more writings by me, focused on all kinds sexy, kinky goodness coming soon. So you should sign up to keep up to date with that. Also there’s the kink positive dating thing, the chat, the forum, the other articles in the magazine but of course, your priority is me, right? :p

So, in conclusion, I do a lot of things now, wear many different, kinky hats (and collars) and I love it. If you’d be interested in getting me to write for YOU then drop me an email at victoria @ victoriablisse. (no spaces) with what you’re looking for. My rates are reasonable and if you’re giving me an opportunity to promote my books or my events or to do my Rev Blisse thing  I won’t charge you a single solitary penny. Oh and if you think ‘but she’d never write for me…’ then stop right there, pal. You don’t know until you’ve asked. :)