CW: Description and Images of extreme BDSM Impact play/blood.


Photo credit for all pics: Cute-as-Sin

Smut market and the afterparty are always fun. Okay, I’m biased as I run it with my darling husband but I hear other people say the same things.

I meet kinky friends established and new and get to see them all giddily buying new kit for their bags. And sometimes get to experience those things. Often when I’m just sitting there minding my own business. This time Sensei rushed out with a gorgeously evil Ironic krafts paddle and—after asking—slapped my thigh with it. I screamed, he ran away to purchase it.

And Cute-as-sin, being the kind human they are, hit me with their new Ironic Krafts paddle on the other front thigh so I’d be evened up. Totally for my own good, not their need to have things evenly balanced at all.  Aren’t I lucky?

It was later when contents of kit bags were being shown off when I started to be hit with random things. My new friend Ivy hit me with her Bitch paddle and left quite the imprint. Then Alex joined in with hitty things, because of course he did and out popped the metal letter box paddle and well that got some attention.

Smiling Sadist was wanting to try it out, so obviously I offered my butt. And, after only a few hits BOOM! My butt was bloody. Oopsy. Bloody love that paddle. Literally it seems. And when I cleared that up so I could sit down Cute-as-sin got hold of it and the front of my thighs were soon ouchy and bloody and showing off beautiful patterns.

I swear I did nothing. People just like to hit me.

Oh, and I do like them hitting me so it was all rather grand really.

Then Kev got out his ultra-mean flogger. It’s soft and fluffy and really can’t hurt anyone at all.

And Cute-as-Sin decreed it was the only thing I could be hit with all night and that made me very sad indeed. I may even have pouted.

It had been forgotten later, when play was discussed and my body was already marked and bloodied and oh how terrible. I was going to get my favourite of beatings. More Beatings.

Also it meant that when Cute-as-sin came to play with me they had to be a little more inventive when it came to places to hit…my calves got a lot of impact. Ow.

They did start out with the butt and the thighs of course and a whole inventory of things that were okay to get bloody. Including said letterbox paddle which they got to ring beautifully. Like a vibrating tuning fork, after particular hits it would sing as I screeched my pain.  Cute-as-Sin and Alex raved together over how lovely it is to use and I was thrilled to be essentially ignored as they talked about my paddle and my butt was just the flesh they were using to enjoy themselves. That’s quite hot I can tell you.

Many things hit me but one I especially remember was the tenderiser. It left little asterisks all over my thigh, much to peoples delight.


“If I have asterisks,” I announced, “then I must have foot notes somewhere.”

Oh, I felt so proud and deeply amused of my amazing pun until Cute-as-Sin started to use the stick in their hand to beat my feet.

To give me actual footnotes.

My pride soon melted away into pain and general distress. Much to everyone’s amusement.

It was sometime around this point where Alex finally hit me with his evil cane and erm. My butt broke it.


Cute-as-Sin found a tip of it stuck to my butt.

“It’s rude to leave your tip in a lady without asking first.” I told him to a chorus of laughter from Alex and others. He then found his brand new lightsaber (red obvs. He is on the dark side) cane and made me regret my cheek.

My wise ass mouth gets me in trouble sometimes.

And not long after Slappy the whale came out to play.

Oh no.

And where did Slappy go? Straight to the damn calf muscles.

One strike led to blood curdling noises of sheer misery.

Two strikes led to more of the same. As both of my calves cried out now in equal agony.

Three strikes had me leap up onto my feet as I screamed.

“I’ll let you have one more ‘cos I know you like things even but that’s it with Slappy.”

I only let them have that because I love them very dearly. I fucking hate Slappy though.

Tiny, innocuous fucker it may appear to be but it is actually made of pure evil not just wood.

After more torture that included friendly the cane (so friendly, he never wants to stop hitting) and that special ringing sting he leaves behind, I was promised the claw hammer.

Yes, folks. That was my treat for the end of the beating. A run of the mill, DIY staple of a claw hammer. It is my very favourite thing in Cute-as-Sin’s kit bag and it’s weirdly the one thing that makes people really feel uncomfortable. It might be because I’m purring like a kitten as they hit me hard and giggle in delight as they do so. It might be also the absolute massacre that it produces on my backside.

There was a momentary blip as all the lights went out and I lay there being petted as others looked after a friend who was scared in the dark (using phone lights to illuminate the area) and as I floated happily in my beaten state my heart was warmed by a dungeon full of meanies doing all they could to help someone out of their fear and panic. Kinksters are the kindest of fuckers you know?

I was resigned to having no more happy hammering, emergency lack of light and all, but when it was restored and our friend was once again doing okay, my butt got more beats. Hard beats and vicious grips with the claw end, digging in and lifting up my butt flesh. Mmmmmm. Delightful.

Well beaten, happily floaty and mostly incapable of thought and word, I lay on the spanking bench as Cute-as-Sin Cleaned me up. With help from the other people in the dungeon. It was a bit of blood bath. I heard people being directed one way and another as my butt and thighs got cleaned up. Cute-as-Sin’s maggot checked in with me, even though he was not able to speak, by the use of thumbs up and smiles.

When I was cleaned and capable of moving, I went to sit (on my cardigan in case of more bleeding) in the social room. I sipped pepsi max and ate lollipops. Happily spacey and surrounded by lovely people.

It was later when Smiling Sadist offered me an evil massage. I don’t know if that was precisely the phrasing but it was evil, he had his knee in my back for a lot of it. But Oh, it hurt so, so, so good. And my shoulders were ache free for days! See, Sadists really are the kindest people really.

You know that saying about it taking a village to bring up a kid? I feel like it takes a village to hurt a V, in a way I love, in a way that leaves me beautifully broken. And I have the best village of kinksters who do that for me.

Thanks all.

And here’s to doing it all again on the 27th August…join me?


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