Innuendo and the Great British Bake off.

Or how I talked about Smut on BBC Tees at just after 10 in the morning.

I got an email yesterday from a lovely lady at the BBC looking for a pro-smut kinda person. She’d found and tracked me down. I quite happily agreed to be called live on air to talk about Smut, innuendo and weirdly enough The Great British Bake Off. Though I truly didn’t really know what I was actually letting myself in for. I was very excited to be asked to join in though, clearly it means I’m really famous now…sorta.

So what’s it all about? Apparently hoards of people (well,a few anyway) have been complaining about the innuendo on The Great British Bake off. Apparently there’s too many mentions of perfect nuts and sticky buns and erect biscuits for some viewer’s comfort.

It probably says a lot about me that I barely noticed the innuendos. Probably ‘cos I’m so innocent they went over my head…or as is more likely, I was too busy making my own innuendos to notice Mel and Sues.

So to hear my dulcet tones talking about smut, innuendo and it’s essential Britishness check out BBC Tees Mike Parr’s show 23/10/14 and start listening at 1hour 6 mins in.

What do you think? Should smut be kept to adult only programmes or do you think the odd innuendo in family friendly shows like GBBO are perfectly fine? I don’t see any problem with it myself. Innuendoes go right over the head of kids anyway and a bit of comedy just for the adults isn’t a bad thing.

With a cooking show it’s really hard (oh look,I’m at it now) not to get a little carried away with the smut. When you need to whip and beat, knead and twist so many things it’s inevitable.

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  • Are there still people *that* uptight? Are there still people old enough to be that uptight? I am not exactly young but I remember plenty of innuendo in ‘family’ entertainment when I was a kid in the 1970s. (Mind you, I was the sort of kid who would ask for an explanation in a piercing voice…)
    Food and sex are the two most powerful drives in human beings, so it’s hardly surprising most people connect them. If you see what I mean. Not going to mention what someone once told me about gentlemen’s enjoyment of a newly-baked loaf hollowed out and filled with mayonnaise…

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