Immortal Love – Free Vampire Stories and Point Vamp fun!

I love Vampires. I think I’ve said before that I’ve had this strange attraction to them since I was young which considering anything in the horror genre tends to scare me witless is pretty weird.

Point Vamp

I wrote my first vampire story in 2010, The Point. I came up with the story and the title came to my husband in a dream. Once my vampire and human club and barThe Point was created I had the hub for lots of other stories and I hve written a fair few including thee you can find and read completely Free!

To Comfort a Vampire, Vampire Virgin No More and First time Fang Bang which is in All Romance Ebooks Just One Bite Vol 2

Keep calp and count to ten

SO if you want a bit of point vamp goodness check out the above freebies or any of the other stories listed here.

I’ve got the next Point Vamp story all planned out in my mind. It’s Steve’s story this time. He’s the cocky one and he’s about to get hit hard by cupid’s arrow. But of course, he chooses to fall in love with completely the wrong kind of girl.

And I’ve even got the fifth one planned. It reintroduces Hugh and Elizabeth from The point and explores their relationship as woman and vampire.

I must just find time to write them now!