I'm excited!

Do you want to know why?

Well in just 7 days time the Over the Moon Anthology will be out. Yaaaay! My Story, Moon Shy features in there along with stories by Marie Harte, Jenna Byrnes and Jude Mason, Sasha Illyvich, Jambrea Jo Jones and Aurora Rose Lynn. I am definitely in fantastic company. Keep an eye out on my blog this week as I will be hosting blogs by some of these gorgeous, talented authors.

In the mean time let me share my excitement with you. Here is the cover and blurb for Moon Shy.


Lowell is a werewolf. Desdemona is a werewolf. That is where the similarities end.

Desdemona takes great joy in the full moon. She maims and kills with enthusiasm and wishes she could be a werewolf every day. Lowell hates what he is. He wishes that the full moon would only come around once in a million years.

Jenny is a sweet girl who often acts before she thinks, especially when a man is involved. She finds herself between these two werewolves. She loves Lowell, he was her school crush way back when. Desdemona is her superior and makes her working life a misery.

But which werewolf will have Jenny in the end? Will Desdemona succeed in killing her during the full moon, or will Lowell be able to keep her safe and in the dark about his horrific secret? It comes down to a fight between two werewolves, one Moon lover and one Moon Shy. Who will win?

I had a great time writing this story. I’ve always enjoyed fantasy stories but I’ve always found the idea of writing one quite daunting. However I actually found writing paranormal characters very freeing. It’s great fun to write things that really have no boundaries except how far your imagination can stretch.

Lowell was a wonderful character to write. He’s a complete joy. You may have noticed that I’m kind of fond of the bumbling hero and Lowell is the master at bumbling but he is also this wild animal with a scary power that he doesn’t know how to control. He was a delight and then I had the evil wicked seductress of Desdemona (many thanks go to my pal Angel for helping me name her) and sweet little Jenny too. I was like a child in a sweet shop.

I’m not saying it didn’t have it’s challenges. I know *nothing* about werewolves. I kept asking my husband daft questions as I’m writing. He’s so good to me and he has a mind full of interesting facts and mad google skills, bless him. Also I had to plan the story out in advance, when you read it you will understand why and I never usually do that. I make it all up as I go along usually! But I am sure you all know the thrill of doing something different, in pushing yourself to do something new. It’s exciting.

I hope you will enjoy the anthology which releases on Monday the 16th of November from Total-E-Bound. I already know it’s going to be an unmissable anthology.