I'm back!

Thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers. I’m back and almost at full force. It’s been a long few weeks but my doctors and nurses have all been completely fantastic. I was looked after really well in hospital and when I got home by my husband and daughter and other family members. Thank you all.

Make sure you’re all signed up for the Total-E-Bound Newsletter, there is an article written by yours truly in this months issue. You can read all about my up coming Total-E-Bound releases, Travel Delight and just before Christmas, The Festive Handbag.

Oh, I have the cover for Travel delight, as always it’s a tasty one!

travel delight

And here’s the Blurb:

When Janet met Guy her whole corporate and predictable world crumbled. The exciting young American whisked her away on a summer holiday that she would never forget, an expedition to find her sexual self.

They started in York where they discovered the delights of the Minster and their exhibitionist lusts. In London they visited the Queen and found the secret delights hidden in the Shadows of Hyde Park. And in Paris, the City of Lovers, Janet made the most important decision of her life. Should she stay with Guy and discover more of her adventurous nature or should she return to the career she had worked so hard to build?

The most important decisions in life are always the most difficult to make.

Oh, and one final note. I am thrilled to be one of the Nominees over at the Night Owl Romance NORA polls right now and I would be delighted if you would vote for Sexier Side of the Hill in the Best Contemporary/Suspense poll which is situated in the middle of the page with Sexier Side of the Hill appearing towards the bottom. Thank you so much for your generous support!
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