I'll have Extra Nuts with mine!

The latest Blisse eBook is now available from All Romance Ebooks for just $2.50 and ALL profits got to the American Heart Association.

Vanilla with Extra Nuts is a short menage story that I had a great deal of fun writing. Here’s the Blurb:

sacxShe was just a vanilla girl until she found her perfect toppings…

Megan was slowly falling in love with Adam and was devastated to hear he was also sleeping with a man behind her back. When she confronts Adam she finds her lust for him over-riding her reticence.

When she makes a secret fantasy come true and goes to bed with both Adam and his lover at the same time, vanilla Megan has to decide. Can she come to terms with this unusual relationship?

This is an intense and very hot story. It’s not just about lust and sex with two guys it is all about insecurity,trust and challenging taboos. The three characters were a joy to write and great fun to play with. It can be very challenging writing a menage story because you have to organise so many limbs and try not to get bogged down with too many him’s and his’s but I always find it fun even if it is hard work.

Don’t forget every single last cent of the profits from the sale of Vanilla with Extra Nuts goes to the American Heart Association, a very good cause indeed. So not only are you treating yourself to a sexy little story you’re doing your bit for Charity too!

ABOUT THE 28 DAYS NOVELLASAll proceeds from the sale of these shorts, which will be offered exclusively on AllRomance.com and OmniLit.com as individual eBooks, will be donated to the American Heart Association.