If only the Postman knew #SmutSunday @Talksmut

Now, we don’t always get exciting mail, sometimes it’s bills or junk, but every now and again we’ll get a package delivererd to Smut HQ that is very interesting indeed! This past week we’ve had 2 such fantastic packages and really, if the Postie knew what he was delivering, he’d probably look at me in a whole new light!

I sent out an email not long ago to the amazingly wonderful companies who I know and love to partner with Smut.UK in our events and through our world famous (infamous?) erotic tombola and this week 2 of those fantastic companies sent us some awesome packages packed full of prizes!

The amazing folk at uberkinky.co.uk sent us this bundle of lovely kinkiness. With T Shirts, chokers, an assortment of gags and cockrings, nipple clamps and  2 vicious looking paddles we will have some seriously kinky prizes for our next tombolas. Perfect as out next is at Kage, one of the biggest fetish play events in the North West on the 25th June.


And then we have this bundle of goodness from Sh!Womenstore with all kinds of vibrating goodness, lovely lube, some cute lil’ dlidos and a lovely lilac ball gag. Another wonderful selection and we’ll definitely have a few pieces in our Tombola at Smut Leeds on the 12th August.

Isn’t that some amazing post? If you’re reading this and are wondering how you can contribute, then drop me an email victoria @ victoriablisse.co.uk (no spaces) and I’ll tell you how. All the details are on erotictombola.co.uk of what you get in return for your generous donations and we really are looking for anything and everything erotic.

If you’re an author, reviewer, sex blogger or you have anything at all to do with sex and the erotic and you think you have something to donate then do get in touch. As log as what you’re donating has a connection to the erotic (it could be a pen with your website link on it) then it will fit in nicely!

If you run events and you think an Erotic Tombola would fit in nicely, then we’re all for taking our tombola on the road. Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

You can’t get much more smutty than that but for more, check out the other Smut Sunday posts today.