I Told You So – A Sunday Snog from An Intimate Education #EWBD

Hello, it’s Sunday so it’s time to get snogging, yay!

Featuring 22 erotic stories from authors across the globe, An Intimate Education spans a range of sexualities, genders and desires. The stories show the diversity of erotica, taking in romantic sex, kinky sex, paranormal sex and a lot more besides. All stories show that safe can be sexy. Created to celebrate the first ever Erotic World Book Day (#EWBD), all profits from An Intimate Education will go to sexual health and well-being charity, Brook.

Authors include: Anna Sansom, Lucy Felthouse, Charlotte Howard, Rebecca Black, Kay Jaybee, Madeline Moore, Cara Sutra, Helen J Perry & Adria Kane, Tabitha Rayne, A.M. Hartnett, Oleander Plume, Kayla Lords,Vanessa de Sade, James Gent, Anna Sky, Lily Harlem, Victoria Blisse, Rhyll Biest], Neil Davis, Lexie Bay, Paris Orsini and Emily Dubberley


My story in this collection is called ‘I told you so.’ and here’s a snippet from this hotter than usual Spring walk.

His lips met hers and as they kissed he pushed her back until she hit a tree. She gasped, but he only continued to kiss her and press his body hard into hers. He certainly had proved her could turn her on through all those layers; her body zinged with lust as she glanced left and right to make sure they weren’t being watched.

“Turn around,” he whispered in her ear, “hold on to the tree and stick out your arse for me, sweetheart.”

She followed the instruction aware now that if anyone stumbled upon them there would be no doubt as to what they were up to. Debbie found that idea a turn on. They might get caught, they might be watched and her heart thudded inside of her partly with nerves but mostly with arousal. She often fantasised about having an audience when they fucked.

The tree trunk was cold and rough on the palms of her hands and against her cheek. The green moss was springy and fresh smelling, reminding her the forest was coming back to life, that nature was waking all around them. She could feel the cold seeping through her layers and she hoped Ed would touch her soon, warm her back up.

Ed lifted up her heavy cord skirt and rolled it up onto her back exposing her legs encased in their thick winter tights. Spring might have sprung but there was still a chill in the air. He rubbed his hands all over her buttocks and down her thighs then as he reached a vulnerable part he gripped the nylon in his hands and pulled. The tights ripped and Debbie gasped in surprise.

“You owe me for new tights,” she hissed as he ran his hand into the large hole he’d made and slipped between her thighs. He rubbed her over the sensible white cotton of her panties, pressing the wet material against her clit which elicited a moan of pleasure from her lips.

Want more?  Grab An Intimate Education now. ALL profits go to Brook, the sexual health charity.

Authors! I’d love you to join in with your own snog! Simply post up a kissing excerpt of your choosing (it needn’t be lip to lip, use your imagination)on your own blog, link back to this post and use the Sunday Snog banner too if you’d like.

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