Written for and inspired by my wonderful, loving and cheeky husband, Kev Blisse. 


I love your fingers on me.

I love other bits of you to, your mouth, your cock, your chest against mine…but that’s not the focus of this.

Your hard, demanding fingers, their soft, teasing tips and the way you use them to find all my secret spots, that’s what I’m thinking of right now.

The way you walk them so confidently across my curves, a whispering touch, a sensual stroke, a demanding prod. You know me, you can excite me with just the gentle brush of your casual hand.

How you meander those fingers across and down my body, like it’s a casual walk on a lazy summer’s day. Entangling your fingertips in my pubic hair, trailing down until you’re there and the barest pressure on my clit makes me keen.

You know I’m wet before you touch my sticky lips, sliding through my slickness you trace my vulva, dip forward just a little, teasing me, pulling my up off the bed to meet your fingers, making me plead with my body for more.

I whine and whimper and gasp but as the desperation mounts you press inside. You give me what my greedy, gasping cunt needs.  Hard, deep, fast. Come hither, you beckon and I do. Long, low ripples of orgasmic arousal thrum to the beat of your digital rhythm.

You keep giving, keep taking, keep me thrashing. Touch my clit just so. Caressing so precisely, tightening the coil inside me.

I am a wet, moaning mess and all I want is to come.

And you gift me that. You give me the stars-exploding orgasm I want and you give it so eagerly, so freely and the screams from my pleasure racked body make you smile.

Yes. I love your fingers on me.