I Love your Face #MasturbationMonday

The ways you smile,
from contented
to evil.
Spanning joyful and sadistic
But always loving.

I love your face.

The gleam in your eyes,
lusting, widened pupils.
Darkened blues with stormy promises of
your rain soaking me through.
Visual vows of love and pain.

I love your face.

The coquettish fluttering of your lashes.
The sharpness of your cheeks.
The waterfall of curls that frame you so beautifully.
Your soft skin,
That calls to be cupped reverently in my hand.

I love your face

The regal set of your lips at rest.
The retracted bow
aiming love directly to my heart
Through the medium of your

I love your face.

Bring it close to mine,
‘til I feel your breath caress my cheek.
Let me show you,
without words
How much

I love your face.

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