I don’t have a favourite time of the day to have sex, I’m good to go at any time but there is something ever so delightful about rolling over into the arms of a lover first thing in the morning and waking up with strokes and kisses and motor running arousal.

Especially when you’re in a hotel room and you’ve got a late check out and nowhere to go.

There is something about firsts, when you’re getting to know how you go together but seconds are good too. And not just when it comes to a good meal. Seconds are where you have the same eagerness as that first time but with added knowledge that helps you connect in ways that make your partner’s eyes sparkle.

It’s just when you start to trust your instincts and you feel freer without expectation or worry about what might go wrong.  Seconds are magical.  More of what you want. Where you get to experience the familiar.

The familiar gentle touch of his fingers, the familiar stretch of his cock filling me, the familiar way my legs hang on his hips and how my ankles cross behind his back. I came, languorously over him, over and over and over and it as glorious.

The connection was palpable. We laughed, we moaned, I screamed and begged and writhed. Definitely one of the very best ways to wake up.

I had to do some adulating, which is never much fun, so we took a break from the sexy stuff for a while. When we got back to it I opened up my little bag of delights. And oh, did Chris delight me. He’s just as eager to hurt me as to please me and he got to working out both got the best kind of responses.

Slaps of paddle matched with fucking of dildo made me shiver and curse. He was completely absorbed in what he was doing to me. It’s such a heady feeling, being the centre of someone’s focus. When he made me squeak or gasp he’d give out this sweetest lil snigger.

It would zap straight to my cunt I swear.

I was soon in that sweet space of rolling pleasure punctured by sharp slapping pain. I was enjoying the stretch and twist of my favourite black dildo when he grabbed my glass dildo too. My stomach clenched even before he moved it between my thighs.

I was so wet it took very little encouragement to get both dildos inside me. Fuck! I was so full. Crooning and crying out and coming over and over and over.

When I was completely exhausted we cuddled together. I was completely and utterly pleasured. Chris is such a good toy he even washed my dildos for me before he had to leave.

How did I get so damn lucky?

And you know what? I want more of him, so much more.


Lustitude The Meme