I love Bad Boys #SmutSunday


So what is it about a bad boy that gets the heart a thumpin’?  Who hasn’t fantasised about being swept up in a whirlwind of bod boy fun? Well, I’m part of a whole anthology that celebrates the hotness of a bad boy!


You can pick up our bad boys in Kindle Unlimited right now totally free or it’s just £2.99 at amazon that’s just 43p a bad boy, not bad, huh?

My story in the boxed set is called Heavy Metal Lust and this fella was a bit of the inspiration for my bad boy:

A heavy metal rock star with a reputation to match, Thunder Jackson is smooth, tattooed and very, very sexy. He can seduce with a song but his touch is as electric as a lightning bolt. He will stir up a storm in your heart and you won’t want it to stop.

So if you want more Thunder check out the British Bad Boys Boxed Set at amazon now!


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