I kissed a Girl – A review.

I am straight, which seems a strange way to start a review of an anthology of girls kissing girls but it’s true. And I approached I kissed a girl cautiously, honestly thinking I’d be left cold but you know, that’s not how it turned out at all.

My Review

ikissedgirlThis anthology is filled with good stories written beautifully by talented authors. The editor, Regina Perry, has brought together a great variety of stories that span everything from erotic Champagne making Lessons in France(Champagne by Inra LeVay) to Magical love making in India (The Tiger’s Tale by Kilt Kilpatrick) . I was intrigued by interesting plots and turned on by lots of smoking hot sex scenes. I especially enjoyed the exhibitionism in Show me Yours by Lucy Felthouse as that is a particularly favourite kink of mine.

So, honestly, I reckon most women will get something from this anthology. It’s hot and it’s not all just girl on girl action, oh no, a few hard penises make their way into some of the stories for all you girlies who like their phalluses to be hard and hot as well as plastic and vibrating. *grins*

I’m glad I got to read it! I don’t write many girl on girl scenes but if you’re interested in how Blisse does bisexual you should check out Masquerading Hearts.