Monday brings a New Blisseful Release, another paranormal story too. My Hero isn’t a werewolf this time though, he’s a Vampire.

Book one in the Point Vamp Series

Love conquers all, that is the point but can it bridge the differences between a vampire and a woman?

Hugh is twenty eight. He has been twenty eight for nearly one hundred years. Hugh is a vampire. He owns a club called The Point and he pays girls to have sex with him. He then counts to ten as he sucks their blood to semi-satisfy his lust.

Elizabeth is a doctor, she loves her job but likes to escape into the countryside now and then. When she twists her ankle Hugh comes to her aid. He carries her curvy form all the way back to his home. He takes care of her ankle and the rest of her body too but he goes too far and sucks her perfectly intoxicating blood.

How can these two lovers have any kind of relationship? They don’t know, only time will reveal the answers.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing The Point. It has such a sensual slow burn to it that you will be begging them to get on with it. Hugh and ELizabeth are both amazing characters. Both are strong and controlling and both have thier insecurites and worries. If you enjoy vampire seductions you’ll love this and I swear those of you who like my usual style of contemporary romance will enjoy it too. There is a little bit of bloodshed, but I don’t think it’s too much, this book will not give you nightmares oh no, but you might have a restless night if you read it before bedtime for other, far more sensual reasons!

Monday 19th April is release day and I will announce a Fangtastic (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist) competition to celebrate the begining of this series of Vampire tales!