I’m so fucking lucky. I have amazing people in my life and Kev has been in my life for over 20 years and we’re still finding out new things, discovering new sexy fun stuff all the time!

“I think you owe me.” Hubby said, moments after my mother left. He is a patient soul, had taken her shopping for a new laptop and helped her set it up.

“Owe you what?” I asked, between kisses, as he caressed my arse.

“Something.” He murmured.

“I thought you’d prefer nuttin’” I giggled.

“Well, yeah, that.”

We kissed deeply and he got his hand into my trousers and into my hot wet cunt.

After stroking my clit ‘til I was whining and panting with desire he commanded me to get my trousers off. So I stripped as he removed his.

He sat, his erection beckoning. I backed onto him, sitting in his lap and taking his cock inside me. We paused for a bit to add some lube and tried again.

Kev was diagnosed with diabetes just before Christmas, it’s pretty well controlled but part of the symptoms is erectile issues. They raised their head (okay, that’s a bit of an ironic pun, huh?) as we tried to fuck.

But, we’ve not been fucking for 20 years to give up so easily. And I suck dick really fucking well. Hubby guided my head as I sucked him, until he pulled me off with a pop. I might have pouted a little.

“Lie down and play with your cunt.”

I stopped pouting and followed the instructions until he joined me on the floor, parted my thighs and buried his tongue in my cunt.

Fuck, Kev gives good head. He had me whimpering with pleasure in a matter of moments. I was so wet, so hot, so desperate. He stopped before I came and slotted between my thighs, so we made a kind of X of bodies.

And then he used my wet, hot cunt lips to stroke his cock and I was in heaven. It’s been established I’m a bit of a slut and to be used in such a way, without giving me exactly what I wanted hit my slut buttons HARD.

I was writhing and groaning, grinding against him as he wanked against my slick lips.


“Yeah, use me,” I crooned, “Use my hot wet cunt, come all over me. Come for me, use me. Use my slutty cunt.”

I begged over and over, almost incoherent as I whined my desperation. He wanked harder and faster and his body tightened. I knew he was close so I continued to babble.

“I need your cum, come all over my cunt. I’m your slut, your whore, use me. Come for me. Come for me.”

And he came in a flood of wet heat against my lips that dripped down between my buttocks.

He moved round and replaced his cock with his hand, pressing his fingers up inside me. I moaned with delight as he finger fucked me. I reached down and rubbed my clit. I was so close to coming, I knew it wouldn’t take long to hit orgasm.

“Yeah, yeah, finger me, fuck me. I’m gonna come, gonna come, gonna come.” I’m not my most eloquent when on the brink of ecstasy.

That perfect combination of his fingers inside me and my insistent rubbing of my clit pushed me over the edge. I came with a shuddering groan, gripping around his fingers and arching my back off the floor.

As we lay, entwined, panting on the floor, I moaned my deep appreciation.

“Fuck, that was hot.” I sighed.

“Mmm hmm.” Kev agreed. Incapable of actual words.

It just shows that even when things don’t quite go to plan, you can still have a fucking sexy time.

And even after 20 years of fucking, you can discover new hot moves.

I think we might revisit this one again soon!