I am a good girl, as you all know (hush those sniggers in the back) and so I went to Manchester Peer Rope with pure, ropey plans in mind.

Oh, and mayyyybe a vague beating plan if it was okay with Miss T herself. And funnily enough, the mistress was okay with me dealing out beatings if I didn’t get in the way of the rope.  So you know, I was totally following the rules.

I started out learning what I call the balloon animal knot. I don’t think anyone else will but to me the lil’ bugger when done looks like a tied up balloon animal.  It took a lot of doing between me and my knotty partner but we both got it in the end.

I was taking a break for a drink and a breather when Ran came bearing temptation. I had to say no to his blue balls but Ben took one and puckered up immediately but then seemed to enjoy the sensation.

Veronica was more hesitant but curiosity over took her and one ball was popped into her mouth.

God, you perverts. They were SWEETS!

Sour sweets. As Poor Veronica discovered with a host of face pulls, retching noises and general discomfort. Of course Ran watched on in delight. He is a Sadist after all.

“Are you all right?” I asked, the lovely human being that I am. I wanted to check.

What did Ben do?

He laughed. Not just a little. Rolled about laughing at her discomfort.

Once the poor thing was recovered she berated him for his mean response. I joined in too because it was making him squirm. And I enjoy his lil’ blushy face.

“Question is, does the pain of you trying one of those sweets equal say,” I pause and pull a dramatic thinking face, “say one strike from a cane?”

“For me?” Veronica asked, understandably flustered.

“Oh no, for him,” I looked at Ben, “I’m talking about getting revenge.”

“Oh! Me hit him?” Veronica’s eyes lit up at the suggestion.

“Would that be okay?” She directed to Ben, “with Victoria’s help of course.”

Ben agreed it was okay. Clearly and definitively but with a definite hint of ‘fuck, what have I got myself into?’ in his eyes. Which intensified when I picked up my kit bag.  Oh it is fun to be wicked sometimes you know.

We assembled in the private room, to stay out of the way of the people tying and the on-going rope lessons. I emptied out my kit bag and let Veronica get to grips with what we’d have to work with. We negotiated as we went and Veronica asked me for some advice on where to hit and how.

I’ve been the bottom in a double (or more) top situation many a time but this was a first. And it went really smoothly. I started out with a hand spanking and Veronica joined in. We chatted as we went about how quickly Ben’s skin gets red and admired his magnificent buttocks and thighs.

For a fair while. Boy, does he have a wonderful booty.

We eventually moved on to implements because one can’t hurt ones spanking hand for too long. Right?

Veronica was hesitant at first, but she got more confident as we went along. Each of us sunk into a rhythm that complimented each other as we used some of the lighter paddles in my kit. We found it very entertaining when Ben started to wiggle and let out the odd cry of pain.

“This is what you get for laughing at me!” Veronica exclaimed.

“I told you it wasn’t nice to laugh.” I chimed in with chuckle.

Ben was clearly regretting his earlier giggle fit at Veronica’s expense but not too much.

So I brought on the studded paddle.  The wonderful thing for the wielder is that impacting with the studded side leaves white little imprints which show up especially well on pre-reddened flesh. They disappear after a little (at this level of impact anyway) but oooh it’s entertaining. Veronica and I observed this together for a while.  It was lovely to have an eager partner in pain to point this kind of stuff out to.

Then my favourite weapon combo came into being.  Veronica wielded my sweet little bat. It is so small, so cute, so fucking evil.

And I grabbed my new tool. The cricket ball. Now, it’s called the Rib Tykler by its creator, Desired Effect who trades regularly at Smut Market (next at our August market) but to me it’s the cricket ball because that’s what it is. Attached to a flexible handle, I wasn’t totally sure how it would feel to wield but I was looking forward to trying it out. Especially cos Ben is a cricket fan and I’d been teasing him with it since I’d purchased it.

I think I did a few test hits before going a little harder and making him flinch.

“Howzat!” I exclaimed. Using one of the very few cricket facts in my brain much to my pride.

“Oh, that was good!” he exclaimed, “Howzat, that’s a cricket thing…”

Before he could continue the vaguely condescending mansplaining (bless) I hit him again harder still.

Which seemed to work as the talking stopped and the yelping got more intense.

Especially as Veronica filed in the gaps with taps from the little bat and we got him jigging about quite animatedly and he agreed I was very good at cricket and that he loved the cricket ball lots.

I don’t think the confession would hold up in court, but it adds something special to the compliment when it comes from a sub under duress.

By this point my favourite spot was becoming evident (mid left thigh, lovely lil’ welty bruise) and I showed Veronica my very favourite activity…prodding that spot with my nails. And it wasn’t just me doing the teaching as she taught me a very effective move that involves slowly raking nails down over reddened flesh. She showed me a few times and then I had a go myself.

Ben made the most delightful little growly, hissy, happy discomfort noises. New ones I’d not heard before. It’s so good to pool knowledge with other meanies. Oh, the new tricks that can be learnt!

I got stuck in to the end of the beating. The more discomfort Ben showed the more Veronica stroked and soothed him. Bless. I was quite pleased with myself when I checked in with Ben and he said he was close to the end of his tolerance because I knew that before I even asked.

But he wasn’t getting out of the cane strike.

It has become the peak of our play. He bloody hates the cane.

So I love to use it on him.

He actually managed a couple of strikes before shouting out he was done. I was awfully proud of him.

We proceeded then to the cool down, I explained as we went how it’s as important as a warm up in any kind of sensual impact scene (I can go from intense to nothing but I’m a strange and unique kinda masochist) as it helps bring the person back down from the heights of pain. It’s essentially the bridge between play and aftercare. Also for Ben he gets to enjoy his favourite fluffy paddle and my eager poking of my favourite spots.

He may like one more than the other. I’d not like to comment though. Ahem.

Now, here’s the big twist, my dearest readers, Veronica asked if she could have a go bottoming for me and Ben and Ben agreed to give it a go.

Yeah. Ben. Bless him he did look a little startled at first, as we got him dressed and Veronica less dressed and ready for beating. We negotiated at the same time, so I had a good idea where we were starting. I was giving the impression that we’d have to keep the impact light. So I started out really softly.

Hand spanks to start, getting into a rhythm with Ben and constantly checking in to make sure Veronica was okay. Ben’s flesh reddens up immediately, Veronica took a little longer and honestly, I think we were too gentle at first. She was incredibly laid back.

We grabbed implements, a couple of my lighter paddles. Ben held back and watched me at first but once he started the hitting, he soon got absorbed and we worked between us to attempt to get some noise from our chilled out bottom.

“Yeah, that’s okay.” Was her favourite response. Straight faced and even toned.

And oh, does that goad the sadist in me to go a little bit harder.

Not the biggest of brattings but I could definitely detect the brat vibe with this one. I could see where Ben had learnt it from.

We laughed and joked as we played. I stood back a time or two and let Ben take over and vice versa. The most fun was the double impacts though. Veronica got less capable of words when we were both using thumpy implements (the bat and the studded paddle) that worked beautifully in tandem.

Veronica found out that most brutal rule of switching.

Turn around is fair play.

Ben ran his nails down from the top of her buttock to the bottom of her thigh slowly and with significant pressure.

Veronica broke.

A confused bottom is an absolute delight. I enjoyed using my nails to drive the confusion which resulted in wiggles and giggles and other delightful noises. But mostly I loved the hitting.

And Veronica was taking all we handed out and we weren’t going easy on her.

Well, I definitely wasn’t.

I asked her if she fancied a taste of my cane.

She gamely said yes with a caveat that she might not be able to do more than one.

Fine by me. I love it when a person takes pain for me but only if they’re loving it too.

And it turned out Veronica kinda loved the cane. We went past one.

We went from gentle taps to solid thwaks.

Ben stood back and watched on in awe and terror as I kept asking if it was okay and Veronica kept on taking more and more and more of my cane.

And more.

I was seriously impressed at how much she took before calling for the end. We took photos and gave a lovely soft cool down beating. Veronica snuggled with Ben as aftercare whilst I cleaned and put away my weapons.

It was a lovely, laid back end to a very fun, very unexpected and hugely satisfying afternoon of double topping. Made my little sadist heart sing.

As did seeing both of them wiggle and ouch as we re-joined the rope group.

Oooh, there’s something especially pleasing about seeing someone feeling the beating you imparted.

Especially if you’re poking them at the time.

Ben walked past me and I poked the thigh closest to me and he winced.

“But that’s not my favourite spot though.” I commented with a lil’ sniff.

And he turned to expose that thigh to me so I could poke my favourite spot and watch him wince.

Now that was a thrill. He chose to let me hurt him.  He submitted to my sadistic desire.


And getting excited photos from Veronica over the next few days and getting flashed with the bruise I’d caused still clinging a week after we played brought me great satisfaction too.

Double the topping, double the cute bottoms, infinitely more fun!