I’m not quite sure where the inspiration for today’s flash fiction came from but my hotel cougar just strolled into my mind…I hope you enjoy!


Hotel Cougar

I can be anyone I want to be. No one knows me, I always pay in cash so I can sign in under any name I want to.

“Maxine King.” I respond with a smile as the receptionist tip-taps away at the keyboard. She gives me my card key and the usual spiel, then summons a young, handsome lad over to carry my case for me.

“This is Harry, he’ll escort you to your room, please enjoy your stay.”

I thank her and turn all my attention to the hot guy walking ahead of me with my luggage in hand. He is fit, without being beefy, tall without looming and his butt looks biteable even through this work trousers.

When we reach the elevator, he pauses to let me in before him.

“Thank you, darling.” I make a point of meeting his gaze with mine. He has beautiful bright blue eyes and a cheeky smile. I wink at him as I walk past and he looks down, cheeks pinkening.

Oh, I’ve got a shy one. What fun.

“Harry?” I say his name questioningly and as he looks my way I run a hand down from behind my ear to the centre of my cleavage. His eyes bulge.

“Yes, Miss?”

“Can I ask you a question?” I fiddle with the button of my shirt, pulling the neckline a little lower.

“Of course,” His reply has a squeak to it. I’m getting to him. Oh good.

“How much would I have to pay you to fuck me?”

If I thought he blushed earlier, he outdoes himself as the whole of his cute face goes red and his cheeks dimple.

“After we get to my room of course,” I add, “this time at least.”

“Well, I can’t—I mean I shouldn’t—like it’s against the rules.” He shuffles foot to foot.

“So what is the ‘I’m breaking the rules and may just lose my job’ price then?” I ask. “Give me a number.”

The lift pauses, the doors open without a sound. Harry dips his head and indicates I should exit the lift before him. I walk slowly, purposefully. My skirt is tight, my legs long. I want him to look and be tempted to touch me.

“I couldn’t take your money, Miss.” He strides past me, taking the lead.

“Does that mean you’ll fuck me for free?” He looks back at me, wide eyed, then scans the corridor. The poor boy is scared witless someone could hear, bless.

Harry stops, I slip my card into the slot and walk into my suite. Kicking off my heels, I shrug the jacket off my shoulders.

“I leave your bag by the door then—“

“You never answered my question, Harry.”

“I really should get back to work, Miss.”

“Give me your answer and you can go.” I turn to face him, the buttons on my blouse undone, I let it slip down my back and arms to fall to the floor.

“I would love to, Miss,” He whispers, looking at the floor. “But I have a job to do.”

“Fuck your job.” I stride past him and slam the door shut. “No, fuck me.”

My back is against the door, my heart is pounding. I don’t know whether this is going to pay off.

“I want to,” He shifts from foot to foot, “I really want to, Miss, but I need this job, I really need it.”

“Harry,” I smile at him, “don’t worry, I will take care of you.”

Now I know he wants me, I gently run my fingers down his arm and lean closer. I wait, it feels like an age but I know it’s only seconds, then his lips are on mine. The flame is ignited. Off coms his tie, his shirt. He unhooks my bra. We move and dance, spin and scuffle, our lips together or dancing down flesh as we rip each other’s clothes off.

We get to the bed, I push him onto it and climb over him, spreading my thighs around him. We continue to kiss as I grind myself against him, moaning and hissing as he strokes and grips me tight.

“So, Harry,” I whisper, “I need to feel that soft mouth of yours on my cunt. Do you want to taste it now or after you’ve fucked me?”

I hang above him, nose pressed against his.

“After.” He groans and I feel his cock bobbing against my thigh.

“Fuck yes, I hoped you’d say that.”

I grab hold of his erection and guide it into me. I’m wet, I’ve been wet since I saw him at reception. We fuck. Hard, fast, furious. He is enthusiastic but not skilled, I really don’t care. I like them like this. Rough around the edges but eager. I love the feel of their young, hot bodies against my experienced curves.

“Gonna come,” He gasps.

“Fill me,” I demand, “yeah, come in me, Harry, fuck yes!”

He grunts, his face screwed up, his pelvis tilted up and locked against mine, once, twice, three times he pushes into me and holds there. His cock throbbing.

I lift up, cupping a hand round my pubis.

“Okay, Harry. You’ve had yours now I get mine. Come here and eat me out!”

He hesitates for a second but then eagerly scoots his butt down until his face is between my legs. I remove my hand from over my cunt and lower my knee to the bed, lowering my cunt to his face.

Tentative licks become eager sucks and slurps. Harry is good with his mouth and clearly loves the taste of his own cum mixed with my juices as he devours and seeks out every last drop. When he’s done exploring I hump his face. Taking the friction I need on my clit to come. Thoroughly using him. Excited by his youthful eagerness.

I ride the orgasms peaks and flows, rubbing and rolling on his face until I am exhausted, sexually spent.

“I best get dressed,” He looks cowed, a little scared by his own desires.

“No, no, no. Stay here. With me.”

“But my job, Miss—“

“Your job is to keep the customers happy. I’m a customer.”

“That you are, Miss.”

“A special one too, your bosses will want to keep me happy.”

“They will, Miss?”

“Yes, I’m the hotel inspector.”

“Oh,” He grins widely, his bright eyes sparkling.

“And I still need to assess your customer services, young man.”

“Of course, Miss. Anything for you.”

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