Lazy, sunny, summer days. You know, the kind where you just want to lie out on the grass, turn up the radio and watch the fluffed up pillow like clouds roll by.

“Oh, Kev, its just way too hot.”

I disturb my husband’s slightly snoring slumber to move the blanket out of the sun and back into the shade again.

“What do you want me to do about it?” he snaps. Then, looking at my hurt expression he adds, “I’m only good at heating you up.”

His eyebrows rise in a wickedly erotic gesture and he wrestles me to the ground, holding my hands above my head whilst his large heavy frame pushes my breasts back into my chest and he grinds his jean clad pubis into my own.

“Kev,” I giggle, struggling to move, “get off.”

I can look straight up into his face now. His soft baby blue eyes shine in his strong masculine face, his sensual mouth and lips holding wickedly teasing little smile, a short lock of hair dropping forward over his forehead.

I don’t get to study him for overly long. Soon those lips are pressed against my own and everything but the taste and touch of his lips fades away. His kiss always captures me like this. Like an invading army trampling all over my property and marking it as its own. I simper, moan and melt under the pressure of his dancing lips, his thrusting tongue and the scrape of his stubble against my cheek and chin.

After a moment he lets me breathe and I realise that now not only am I too hot, I’m sweaty and more than a little horny.

“I’m even hotter now, Kev,” I whine.

“Well, let’s get Lucy’s pool out then. You can stick your feet in that.”

“Good thinking, Batman!” I cry. “You go and get it. I’ll find the hose pipe.”

I feel bereft as his body lifts from mine. I want to reach out and pull him to me again, but I settle for wiping the sweat from my brow instead.

Many bangs and clatters erupt from the garage as I lay out the hose. Lucy is my niece and I spoil her rotten. I recently bought her a little paddling pool and this bright yellow plastic bathing hole is what my husband is wrestling with in the garage.

“Got it!” He smiles broadly, brandishing a handful of shiny yellow plastic like gold from a dragon’s lair.

Next, he has to fight his way back into the garage for the foot pump. This time I stand behind him, enjoying the wonderful view of his blue denim-clad buttocks writhing before me. God, I’m horny; ultra horny. I feel like giving up on the pool and just grabbing him, taking him back into the house where it’s cooler and then -oh then, what fun we could have. On the living room carpet, maybe? I doubt I could last the journey to the bedroom. A vivid image of my husband poised between my spread legs, his hard cock poking at my entrance holds me enraptured for a moment.

Just as I am about to say to hubby, “Fuck this�quot; I notice that he has, in fact, almost finished pumping up the pool and he’s already has the hosepipe spewing water into the shallows of the pond.

“Well, I’ve not run about getting this bloody pool filled for no reason, Vicky,” Kev says, pointedly looking at me.

“Alright, alright,” I sigh, pulling the sandals off my feet. Putting them safely to one side, I slip my feet into the pool.

“Ooh, that’s nice and cold,” I moan out loud, my over-sensitized body enjoying the sensual caress of the icy water.

Kev joins me, sitting on the opposite side of the pool.

“Well,” I say, “this was a terribly good idea Kev, but my body is still pretty hot.”

“Mmm, I know it is,” he replies licking his lip and lifting a brow suggestively. Blushing, I giggle and stamp my feet in the cool water, splashing him from top to toe. “You rascal,” he exclaims, stamping his feet. As we both churn the water, it bubbles up and splashes over the sides. By the time we call a truce, our whole bodies are wet, including our brief summer clothing.

“Well, I’m cool now,” I laugh. “But I feel like I’m squelching in these wet clothes.”

“Oh, just take ’em off, then,” Kev exclaims. I just look at him. “Well, it is our own private back garden.”

“Yes, but that is the public park over the fence,” I say emphasizing the word public.

“So what?” Kev already has his top off and is beginning to inch his shorts down his thighs. I listen to the sounds over the fence as I watch my gorgeous husband’s body coming wholly into sight. I can hear children screeching and giggling on the play park, whistles from dog walkers communicating with their pets and the distant hum of cars whizzing along the road.

Kev steps into the pool and gently sits down, his legs outstretched, his penis bouncing on the waves. I sigh and give in. I slip off my top and bra. I can feel his eyes upon my body, as well as the baking heat of the summer sun. Bending over, I slide the damp shorts and my even damper panties off my legs. I feel a slight breeze caress my buttocks and barely contain a moan of decadent delight.

“Now, that is nice.” I grin and shiver, submerging my haunches in the pool. We must look ridiculous. Two grown ups sat in a small child’s pool, just enough water to cover our thighs, the feel of the sun on our tops and the ice cold water under our legs.

I feel Kev’s hand resting on my thigh and smile at him. He has such a gorgeous face. Great big eyes, bright and sparkling with sensuous mischief, his lips poised in a small upward curve, plump and inviting and such smooth, blushing skin. I feel my hand move of its own volition to rest upon my sweethearts’ cheek, the thumb gently stroking the delicate skin beneath his eye.

“I love you,” I whisper, my eyes shining. I see that love reflected in his.

“I love you, too�quot; he almost breathes it to me, his lips hovering closer and closer to mine ’til they touch lightly, sensation exploding from my lips all the way down within the pool waters. His hands slip coldly onto the warm skin of my back, his fingers stroking as his lips gently brush mine. I feel his body shifting, his bobbing penis now brushing my thigh, noticing that it’s blood-filled despite the numbing coldness of the water.

My arms wrap around him, pulling him closer, squashing his cool, wet chest to mine, his cold leg against mine, holding him close; reveling in the sensation of skin against cool wet skin.

He shifts over me and soon he is there between my thighs, pushing me back; his kisses hard, heavy and demanding. As the side of the pool is squished down I feel water pumping out. I am laid out almost flat, the rim of the pool half way up my back, the rest being caressed by soggy grass.

His tongue flicks against my lips. I feel his hardness nudging between my thighs. He is teasing me, letting his cock bounce against my pubic hair and just against my open lips. I can feel them, hot and plump, mostly surrounded by shockingly cold water. But as I hump my pubis up towards him, the lips become exposed to the searing heat of the sun. Hot, then plunged into cold, teased by the sun and the water as well as by the thick, throbbing cock of my lover.

“Fuck me, Kev,” I cry, giving no heed to the fact that just a fence and a few bushes away folks are riding bikes, walking dogs and trundling toddlers to the play park. I really don’t give a shiny shit about them. I want this hard cock in my cunt and I want it now.

“Fuck me, damn you!” I scream, my hips bumping up and down in frustrated urgency, my nails digging into the soft flesh of my husbands back, urging him to plunge into me.

As I await the inevitable filling, I find myself focusing on the world around me; the almost surreal brightness of the summer sky, the cool green of the grass beneath my shoulders, the rustling of the bushes, the sound of a dog barking�close actually, that dog must be just the other side of the fence.

As I moan and toss beneath him, Kev suddenly relents. I feel his smooth shaft slip inside of me. Slowly, I feel my pussy stretch around him. I feel the length of him as it travels into me, right to the hilt. I moan, ecstatic at this release.

* * * * * *

On the other side of the fence, Anna curses her small Jack Russell as she picks her way cautiously through the dense bushes, trying to find him. She’d knew it was a mistake to let him off his lead the minute she saw him disappear at full speed into the densest set of bushes and trees in the whole damn park.

“Sparky,” she calls, giving a little whistle. “Here, boy.” She keeps her voice calm and encouraging. He’ll never come to her if he thinks she’s mad. Sparky may be daft as a brush, but he’s not stupid.

When Anna comes across her little pet, he is lapping contentedly from a small puddle of water beside a rickety wood fence. Just over it is a large, posh-looking house.

“What a lovely place to live,” she thinks, maneuvering around the puddle to attach a lead to Sparky’s collar.

“You are a little rascal,” she chuckles as she balances on her heels to rub him behind the ears. The little fluff ball jumps up and forward, pushing Anna onto her back. As she lies there, slightly winded, the excitable puppy runs around her yapping. Anna giggles at the silliness of it all.

Pulling herself up, she rolls to her knees, her hand out against the fence to give her leverage. Her hand slips, and is caught by a sharp edge.

“Ouch,” she curses, bringing the finger to her mouth. Her gaze is captured by the hole in the fence that caused her injury. Through the small gap she can see two people in a paddling pool.

Moving her slim body around to face the fence, she gawps in amazement. Catching her breath, she soothes Sparky by rubbing him behind his ear, her eyes never leaving the view through the hole.

Right there in the middle of the sunlit lawn are two people having sex. Both completely naked as far as Anna can tell, both moaning and groaning and splashing in the water of the pool.

The voluptuous woman lays on her back, crushing the edge of the child’s pool to the ground, the grass around her as damp as the woman’s glowing white skin. Her back curves every time her lover thrusts inside, pressing her breasts higher into the air, the small pink nipples straining towards the sun.

Anna’s eye move along the scene, looking at the strong shoulders of the stocky man poised above the beautiful, curvy woman. She runs her eyes down his back to his flexing buttocks. Mesmerized, she presses her eye closer to the hole, straining to catch a glimpse of the big man’s cock.

Anna can’t pull away from the erotic sight before her. It registers in her brain that she is being more than a little naughty, intruding upon this couples privacy. But if they choose to fuck outside, surely they know the risks?

Anna is completely absorbed in the scene before her. Her eye is held close to the wood of the fence, one knee bent and one on the ground. In this comfortable position, she experiences the overwhelming urge to touch herself. Before she realizes it, her left hand is snaking past her tweed skirt waistband and into her panties.

She is already slick, her big, puffy lips slippery with silky liquid. Anna can’t believe how brazen she is, but knows she is deep within the bushes and hidden behind the fence. Nobody would see her卭r would they? Maybe that’s the real attraction. She isn’t an exhibitionist or a voyeur as far as she knows, but maybe she has a leaning towards it.

So engrossed in the vision before her, Anna thinks the light pressure on her raised thigh is just her silly dog again. It isn’t until she feels the touch flutter up to her hip and cup at her buttock that she starts. A body leans over her and whispers.

“Don’t be afraid. Let me help.”

The male voice is strong with lust, but not scary or creepy. Anna catches her breath as a pair of hands hold onto her hips, pulling her legs straight so she’s bent in the middle, her hands on the fence for balance, her eye still close to the hole.

* * * * * *

I’m lost in the hot and cold thrill of this fuck. The cold lapping water makes my flesh pucker and goose bump, contrasting with the heat thrusting in and out of my cunt. My eyes fast shut against the harsh light of the sun, I see speckles of multi-colored light fluttering before me, bumping together and writhing in orgiastic pleasure, merging and exploding with each and every thrust. My left hand snakes down and plunges into the water. I split my fingers apart, pulling my sex lips fully open and exposing my hot clit to the chilly waves of slapping water.

“Ooooohhhhhh,” I groan, the pleasure-pain extruding from my exposed clitoris into my body, making me shiver and buck and in turn making my pussy clench tight around Kev’s cock. I hear him gurgle and moan in delight and feel him pick up the pace. I know he’s close and I begin to roughly rub my pointer finger round and round over my clit, winding myself up to orgasm.

With every wave of water, with every thrust of his hips I get higher and higher, floating away into that place of ecstasy. The place where my body spasms and bucks and my mind explodes and reels into hot/cold pleasure.

Kev’s cock is suddenly outside of me and spurting its hot seed all over my chest and belly. Watching his red hard cock exploding over me is the finest conclusion of my pleasure.

* * * * * *

Anna is getting hotter and hotter. Not only is she watching the most erotic experience of her life, now she is feeling it, too. The stranger flicks her skirt up over her back and rips down her panties before roughly pressing his long, thick cock into her. No foreplay, no building up of desire. It’s not needed. The strangers are both hot and horny, needing only to be joined with each other to be satisfied.

His cock fills her, stretching her, making her bite her lip in order to clamp down a cry of sheer delight. She feels the man’s big hands gripping her hips and hears the noise of him slapping up against her rotund buttocks. She watches the scene before her, sees the young woman pull open her lips to feel more of the impact of her lover upon her secret places. She watches as she stretches and screams in orgasm.

The woman is sex personified as she comes, her scream cunt-wrenchingly erotic. Her face pulls back in a grin of pleasure and her body glows with sexual release. It does not surprise Anna at all when her partner draws out his heavy and angry looking cock and wanks it ’til it explodes all over the sexy woman’s breasts.

That visual key pushes Anna over the edge. Curling her fingers and nails into the wood of the fence she holds herself up as waves of orgasm crash around her. Her eyes close and she shudders, the stranger behind her pumping like crazy until she feels his seed exploding inside her, his hot wetness splashing against the walls of her orgasm-sensitive cunt.

She feels him withdraw and she straightens up. Her knees are so shaky that she only just manages to pull up her knickers and flick down her skirt. Sparky’s lapping at a puddle of water a matter of feet away from where she stands. Of her mystery fuck, there’s no sign.

Shakily she moves, tugging on Sparky’s lead to make him follow. Her body aches. She has splinters in her fingers and a crick in her back, but she feels so sated that these seem to be such minor complaints. As she edges her way through the thick bush, she hears a female voice from the other side of the fence.

“You what?”

Anna stops, not wanting to alert anyone to her presence.

“A guy and a girl were watching us. I could see the girl peeking through that hole and I could see the top of the fellow’s head just above the top. It looked like they were fucking.”

Anna’s jaw drops in shock. She had had no idea they were being watched.

“Well, I hope they enjoyed the show.” I giggle as I hear a rustling in the bushes. “I certainly did. Anyway, let’s get back in the house. I always get the munchies after a damn good fuck.”

* * * * * *

Anna laughs and pulls herself out of the bushes. “I think we’ll go and get a takeaway, Sparky,” she says, a wry smile on her face.

“I’m hungry, too. Can I join you?” a familiar voice says from behind her. She turns round and smiles.

“Sure! Why not?”

* * * * * *

I watch as the young couple walk past my house, deep in animated conversation. I am glad I wasn’t the only person to get a good fuck on this wretchedly hot day.

<strong>© Victoria Blisse</strong>