photo magic by Kev Blisse to make us look fabulous and hide my untidy room in the background.

“Nearly done…I’m rather sweaty now, though.”

Not the first contender for the sexiest text ever but as with everything in life, you need context.

I first fucked Chris over a year ago and it was amazing. Life being the bitch it is though meant that we’d been unable to see each other again…until the other week when the planets aligned and operation fuck like bunnies was a go.

My boy was so eager to see me he turned up at my house an hour early. So flattering. However, I wasn’t at home. He was willing to wait and I, well I was willing to tease.

“It’s warm and I’ve walked quite a bit…” I texted, a gleam in my eye.

“You know exactly why you’re telling me this blush face.” Was his delightful response.

“Oh, I know exactly why my darling.”  I used the knowing look emoji as I pulled the same face in reality.

“Mmmmf. Thank you, my goddess.”

See, my delightfully switchy boy has a thing for sweat. So it was only right that I should amp up the anticipation by letting him know I was definitely going to have sweaty bits to sniff and lick once I got back home to him.

I immediately embraced him as I got out of the cab and kissed him right there in the street. I do wonder what my neighbours think, but it’s a fleeting thought that makes me smile with delight.

So there’s a moment when any person coming back to mine to fuck me meets my hubby. They always know the score, but still, it’s always a rather weird interaction. I introduced my sweet boy to my sweet man and whisked Chris right upstairs moments later, as hubs smirked and put on his noise cancelling headphones. He knew how excited I was to see him, to fuck him.

I do so love being poly.

I showed Chris into my room then went to take care of certain ablutions and when I came back he was knelt on my bed looking cute as cute could be. So we kissed. We kissed hard and deep and breathily. We kissed to reacquaint our lips, to remember how we both taste. We kissed because it was instinctual as breathing.

We caressed. And Caresses turned to clothes being removed. He kissed my neck and cleavage, inhaling the scent of my fresh sweat, tasting it on his lips. I writhed against him. Wriggling out of clothes, writhing against him. Want swirling through me as I pulled his hair through my fingers (so long, so soft, so good to pull) and kept kissing, between gasped discussion of want and needs and oh will you fuck me please (condoms in the basket) and this run on sentence feels like I felt then. Drawn out and breathless.

He took photos, something we’d agreed we’d wanted to do, and each stop to do so seemed to be an age. A tease, the anticipation growing. He was driving me wild with each stroke and kiss. Finally he was naked. Kneeling between my outstretched thighs, putting on a condom and I was so ready to have him inside of me. His fingers had felt good but I needed to be fucked.

Nope, weren’t in a field. More Kev Blisse hiding my background again, Just look at my beautiful boy tho!!

As we positioned ourselves I lifted my leg, intending for it to rest upon his shoulder. On the way he grabbed it caressed it, held it close to his face and sniffed, before kissing tenderly at the sole. Although I don’t list feet as a fetish of mine there is definitely something powerful in seeing mine worshipped by a hot boy who really loves my feet, my sweaty recently walked on feet.  In the unforgettable words of Rachel from Friends.


For some people.”

It was his cock sliding into me that gave me exactly what I wanted and I told him so. I moaned and clenched and told him how much I missed him inside me.

“Oh, my sweet, sweet boy.” I groaned.

“Oh my sweet goddess.” He panted in reply. Fucking me, filling me, making me sweat more, eliciting moans and gasps from my lips and orgasmic delight between my thighs.

Another pause to take a photo of him inside me and I could only smile. I knew that would be a precious momento, a visual reminder of the ecstasy Chris brings to me.

“Want to take a ride?” He gasped and well, who can resist an invitation like that.

On top of him, he has full access to my tits. To paw and maul with his hands and to bite and nip with his teeth.  I controlled the pace, slow and deep or faster and more jagged. Until I didn’t. Until he’d grip my hips and pump up into me. Holding me and ramming up inside so hard and so desperate, I would come just from the sheer fucking desperation of him for me.

Still inside not in a field. I love squishing my beautiful boy beneath me 

We had a little break then. To dry off sweat, catch our breaths, hydrate. And oh he rubbed my feet and my calves and I was a whimpering pool of ecstasy. That’s when the bag of things I left on the end of the bed started to be explored. Oh it’s fun to play with a switch, my sweet boy may see me as his goddess but that doesn’t stop him from beating my butt with a variety of evils.  I love a purposeful beating but the delight of a beating that’s interjected with fingers in cunt and kisses on flesh is something magical.

And I had to encourage those kisses. We’d been chatting and one thing he was so desperate to do was rim me. And who am I to deny my sweet boy pleasure? Well, okay, I did just a little bit, pulling myself away from his mouth, teasing him, making him mewl and work a little harder before getting his face between my buttock to lick and lap at my ass.

God, it felt good. Powerful. His tongue slipping inside as I cooed about him enjoying the taste of my ass, encouraging him to do more. It didn’t take long to get him to grab my long glass dildo, a string of see-through pearls that gradiate and the bottle of lube and fuck me with it.

Oh, I crooned with delight and pleasure and begged for more. It’s a very different feeling, anal. I mean, obviously. But I get a similar thrill from the continual rubbing, a contracting orgasmic burst that makes my cunt slick. I notice it more when my pussy is empty, as I feel the juices drip and slip out of me.

Whilst taken in the ecstasy of my butt being fucked with cold jewels he pulled out various implements to crack against reddened skin, taking the ecstasy even higher. Eventually he pulled the dildo from between my buttocks and rubbed himself there instead. Automatically I grind on him. His gasps and cute whimpers encourage me to do it more.

“We’ve got to be careful.” He said and I remembered then his unwrapped state and as much as he wants to fuck me without a condom on, we’d agreed it was not something for now.

And the play continued and I casually threw out, “You could try fucking my ass…” you know, just the most casual of wonderings.

“If you want me to.” He replied.

“Yeah, lets try, see what happens.”

Now, I haven’t had anal sex is a long time. I’m talking years, possibly as many years to make a decade or more. I wasn’t sure what I could take but I was hot, slutty and desperate for more in that butt of mine. And with a slick more lube and gentle, slow pushing, he was inside me, with nothing more than a feeling of intense pressure.

He moved slowly at first as I babbled and moaned. Butt sex makes me talky.  Not necessarily eloquent but talky.

“Yeah, there. Yes, so good. Fuck. You’re so deep inside me.”


“Fuck my ass. Fuck my dirty slutty ass, yes. Give it to me. Mmm, fuck. Deeper. Yes. Oh my  God yes.”

Interspersed with whimpers screams and gasps.

And oh my God was I lost in the ecstasy of it all. The weight of him pressing against my buttocks, the sounds he was making, grunts and pants and sighs. The duvet beneath me, the sweat running down my brow and all these fading in and out of recognition as the push and pull of him in my ass throbbed out an ecstatic beat of sheer perversion. Dirty, raw, deep and so wonderfully intense.

Intense. So intense. And then his fingers slipped underneath me and he rubbed my clit and intense just blasted up a notch. I couldn’t think, couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe. I was all pleasure, consumed from the tip of my clit to the hilt of his cock bumping against my asshole and the caress of his balls against my labia. I felt like we were indeed one. I could feel him throb and shake, tense and release. It felt like it was part of my motions, my movements, my rushing orgasmic eruptions.

I was thoroughly fucked. And laying panting beside my darling sweet boy was a joy in itself. Our soppy grins showing just how much fun we’d had.

And continued to have. As I hit him with my toys (now this was before or after the anal. My brain is so scrambled I don’t quite remember) but I wanted to give him a taste. And he took it so well. His juicy, round, delicious booty reddening. His hisses and moans and giggles. It was a delight to let me sadist out on his delectable derrier.  I took a load of photos too, his butt a creamy white sacrifice to the meanness of my hand, paddles, crops and cane.

We fit in so much. So much. I even got a taste of his delicious cock before he dressed to leave.

A quick afternoon of so much debauchery I was feeling it for hours, no days after.

And I can’t wait to see him again. Next time, I want to fuck his ass.

It seems only fair, right?