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Two Grand Prizes #1 is a Kindle Fire and #2 is a $50 gift certificate.

Here’s my hot contribution to the hop -a Free read!

Rachel is on a much needed holiday in Scarborough. One day a storm hits and she shelters in an arcade, She meets Mark who works there and falls instantly in lust. What follows is a wild weekend with lots of sexy and suprising seaside fun.


You can download the full short story for free at Total-E-Bound but here’s a taster for you!

“Oh, hi Rachel, back so soon?” he asked when I was standing before the dark wooden partition.

“Yes, I can’t seem to keep away.” I giggled and past him a ten pound note.

“Be careful, love. You can easily spend all your money in here.”

“It’s not the gambling that’s brought me back.” The words were out before I’d had time to think about them. “Oh, I wonder what did then.”

“You.” I winked and walked away with my fistful of pound coins. My heart thumped ten to the dozen and I didn’t know where to turn next. I ended up pushing more two penny pieces into a machine in the back corner. What had I been thinking? I’d only spoken to him once, what had made me so bold was a mystery—unless it had been the heady sea air muddling my senses? I didn’t know, but I hoped I hadn’t made a fool of myself by being so blatantly flirty with a guy I barely knew.

“Hey,” a familiar honeyed tone broke through my daydream, “I just need to do a little maintenance on this machine.”

“Oh, right, I’ll go over there, then.”

“No, no, stay put,” he said. “Just be aware I’m crawling around near your knees, okay?”

I became very aware of the light, summer skirt I’d put on. I had shaved my legs so at least if he brushed past they’d be sleek and smooth against him. I bit my lip and tried to focus on the coins that I was slipping from my hand into the machine. Then I felt him brush past my knee caps but instead of carrying on, he stopped. I tried not to panic but his body in such close proximity caused the breath to stall in my lungs. I nearly hit the ceiling when his fingers crept up under my skirt. There had been many touches I could have explained as accidental but that touch had been very purposed indeed.

Suddenly the roar of dropping coins, the repetitive strains of music and people’s laughter seemed to get louder. I became acutely aware of how many people were around us as his fingers continued to slide up my thighs. I didn’t stop him touching me, though. I liked the caress of his roughened finger pads on my silken skin. I enjoyed the thrill of being touched in public. We could have been discovered at any moment and that made me all the more sensitive to his touches and the sounds echoing around me.

There was just one other person using the same set of machines I was. A scrawny young man with floppy hair that covered his face when he stared down at the coins, which were behind the glass, intently. I hoped to God he wouldn’t look up because surely he’d be able to read what was going on in the heated planes of my face if he did.

Read the whole story for free here.

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