Today I’m treating you to a submissive summer treat with an EXCLUSIVE excerpt from Sweet Surrender, a tale of discovery set in the summer sun.

If you follow my updates on Facebook or Twitter you will know that there is only 4 more sleeps until I go away to Scarborough for a week long holiday and I cannot wait.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog or my books you also know that Scarborough is my most favourite place in all the world! That is why it crops up in my stories so often. Keep checking back to the blog this week for excerpts and free stories all based in Scarborough and enjoy the taste of a proper English holiday by the seaside.

Now onto the submission, so to speak!

Sweet Surrender is the story of Helen’s holiday. She’s just broken up with her boyfriend and finds herself in the sunny, bustling Scarborough surrounded by Love Birds and just as she’s about to give up and go home she meets Tom. Tom is a confident photographer who offers to take her around the sights but by taking the tour Helen discovers more about herself and her submissive desires than about the sweet, seaside town.

She couldn’t believe he’d tricked her into taking him up to her room so easily. A few words and her barrier had collapsed. Part of her suspected she didn’t really want to protest, that it was just the last vestige of her instilled propriety talking, not her. It’s not like she was normally such a walk over. She was seen as a bit of a bitch at work. She would brook no nonsense and even the most enthusiastic sales person faltered under her weighty stare. Tom seemed to bring out the vulnerability in her, and Helen was so busy wondering why that she missed the top of a step, and toppled forward.

“Are you alright?” Tom’s hand was instantly on her thigh, preventing her from falling further.

“I, I, I think so.” She gasped, turning to her side, and resting one thigh on the stair, before shifting her weight so she could perch awkwardly on the little ledge. Tom knelt before her, running a hand up and down the front of her leg, checking the knees for scratches.

“You might have some interesting bruises come tomorrow, but that’s all.”

“I’m so clumsy.” She shook her head, the tears threatening to spring forth again.

“It’s easy done, love,” he soothed, “Don’t worry your pretty little head about it.”

Tenderly he dropped his lips to her knee. Gently he kissed the reddened flesh, making Helen’s heart jump with delight and her pussy clench with arousal. A little moan escaped her lips, and a wicked glint entered Tom’s eye.

His lips slipped higher, tracing up the inside of her thigh, lifting her skirt higher and higher as the kisses climbed, making her tummy flip like pancakes tossed by a showy chef.

“Not here.” She hissed. “Anyone could come up here at any moment.”

“In the middle of the day?” Tom paused for a moment, glancing into her eyes. “The tourists will all be out; the maids will have made the rooms already.” He continued to kiss up, and Helen placed her hands on his shoulders to get him to stop, but as her lips parted to protest, his lips kissed hers.

An electric pulse flickered up and out, engulfing her whole being but focusing between her thighs. His tongue flipped out and she let go of a little gasp, then a low growl as that tongue lapped up and down, parting her lips and caressing the damp velvet concealed inside. Again, her mind went blank, and not until she became aware of the hard pressure in the small of her back did she remember where she was.

“No,” she said, once again and once again he stopped. He pulled down the bottom of her skirt and smoothed it out over her thighs. He stepped back a step, allowing her the room she needed to stand and turn around. He squeezed her bum as she moved to take the next step, and her face flamed with the heat that diffused her body.

“God help us when I get you into the privacy of your room,” he growled, walking up the stairs directly behind her, eager to taste and touch all he was craving for.