Hitting the JackPot by Victoria Blisse Free Short Story.

Summer is coming, you need something sexy to get you in the mood. Well, I’ve got just what you need, a new free short story from Total-E-Bound.


Rachel is on a much needed holiday in Scarborough. One day a storm hits and she shelters in an arcade, She meets Mark who works there and falls instantly in lust. What follows is a wild weekend with lots of sexy and suprising seaside fun.

Hitting the Jackpot is 4000 words long and is just the perfect length to whet your appetite.


“You’ve won that.” I heard a voice beside me say and I looked down on a little girl with big eyes and mousey brown hair pointing to a sad looking bear thing leaning against the glass. “I’ll go get the man for you.” The man turned out to be the highlight of my holiday. The little girl bounded up and showed him.

“She’s won hasn’t she, Mark? That’s on the glass isn’t it?” she babbled.

“Yes, Grace, it is. I’ll get it.”

“Thanks.” I smiled at them both. Grace beamed and bounced off.

“Oh,” I exclaimed. ”I was going to let her have it for being so up on her stuff.”

Mark laughed.

“Grace must have a million of these.” He chuckled. “She comes and plays in here every day of the week.”

“Oh.” I watched him turn a key and pull down the pane of glass so he was able to then reach a long, strong arm inside the machine to retrieve my prize. His shoulder was thick and muscled beneath the white shirt. I wondered what the rest of him looked like under there.

“Here you go, miss.” He passed me the tiny ornament. “Enjoy your prize.”

“Well, thank you, erm, Mark.” I stuttered over my words. I could still feel the caress of his long fingers on my own, which seemed to be erasing all thought from my mind.

“You going to be here long?” he asked.

“Just the weekend,” I replied.

“Enjoy it then miss—actually, can I ask your name?”

“Sure, I’m Rachel.”

“Enjoy your holiday, Rachel. Hopefully I’ll see you again.”

It was only when he had walked off that I realised I was still cupping the cheap figurine in my hand. I looked at it and realised it said ‘Love’ on one badly formed paw. I didn’t believe in love at first sight but lust? Oh yeah. It was definitely lust at first sight.

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