Hitting the Jackpot

2204“I want to see you naked,” he told me as he slammed shut the door to my room. “I’ve wanted to since I first saw you.”

My cheeks heated with a blush and I turned my back to him. He pulled down the zip of my dress and I shimmied out of it.

“What’s the magic word?” I purred and shook off my shoes.
“Please, Rachel.”

“Bingo!” I cried and hooked my fingers into the elastic of my waist band. Mark devoured my curves as I stripped off my underwear. I felt alive and vibrant, and proud of my abundant body. His gaze emboldened me.

“Fucking hell, you’re stunning.” His tone was deep, breathy and full of promise for what was to come.
“Thank you,” I replied. “Now get your kit off and fuck me.”

“Shit, Rachel. Could you be any more perfect?”

I pushed my naked body against him and plucked at his shirt buttons. I wanted to feel his naked chest against mine. He pulled off his pants and kicked off his shoes as I kissed down his chest when button by button it was revealed. I pushed the material away from him and wrapped myself around his nakedness. His cock pressed into the curve of my belly and his light chest hair tickled my nipples. He growled and shoved me back onto the bed. He jumped on top of me making me shriek with laughter. He held me down with his body and buried his face in my cleavage. His kisses slipped over my ample curves and he sucked on my aching nubs. I rubbed my pelvis against his and tried to lessen the ache of desire that was burning inside me.

“Condom,” he mumbled from between my breasts. “Fuck, I need you so bad.” He dipped a hand down the side of the bed and fished around. He didn’t stop kissing my cleavage, my neck and my face, he just pulled at his trousers until he found the packet that he had searched for in his pocket.

“A-ha,” he cried triumphantly and stopped nibbling on the sensitive spot in the crook of my shoulder. “Got it.”
“Then give it to me,” I growled with a cheeky wink.

“Oh, you’re going to get it, you naughty minx.” He sat back on his heels and I scrambled back up the bed in anticipation. “You’re going to get it good.”

© Victoria Blisse

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