You might have noticed a lot of writings about H lately. I am like a kid in a candy shop skipping around, trying a bit if this, a little of that. Reveling in something new, something amazing.

H has woken up my muses. I’m writing more now than I’ve written in ages and I love that. An author who isn’t writing is not a happy beast at all.

But do you know what? Not a single one of these writings would exist without another person in my life.


We met over 20 years ago on the internet, when that was a weird thing still. We worked hard to spend as much time together as possible because it felt weird when we were apart.

We moved in together after a few months, were married after a couple of years, had a child soon after.

All the major moments in my life Kev has been there. He is a constant source of encouragement and support.

He is my centre.

If something is on my mind, I talk to him about it. If I have a brilliant new idea, he’s the first to hear. If I’ve had fun, I tell him all the details.

If I’m sad, low, tired, anxious, worried, grieving , he’s there. Hugs on tap.

He is the reason I can do so much. That I can be brave and put myself out there because I know if it all goes tits up Kev will be there to pick up the pieces and hug me back together again.

He’s the first person I go to if I’m overthinking something. He’s great at advice and knows when just to shut up and listen.

I guess it may seem that I’ve forgotten about him, the writings of late having a different focus. I haven’t. Kev is as important to me now as he ever was.

His encouragement moves me to try new things, do crazy things, embrace the chaos of living life.

We shared many firsts together and I’m sure there’s more still to come. Kev is my centre, he centres me, he is held deep in my soul.

Soul mates.