I write a lot about experiences with other people, I’m lucky that I have a husband who lets me skip off and play and have fun with all his blessing. What’s even luckier is that he’s a sexy, kinky beast too. I’m spoilt, I really am.

So, after Smut Market last Saturday, Kage all day Sunday (including birthday fun for Little Snowflake and the epic orgasmic beating from AI) I thought we’d get home and kinda collapse. Of course though, I wanted photos of my marks and I ended up over the arm of the sofa, so Kev could capture them in a photo.

Which led to him fingering me hard and fast and reigniting the low, flickering flame of passion inside me. He is so good to me. From there, I sat on his face and he made me come so very hard by using his talented tongue but also gripping my butt, adding a wonderful edge of pain. I love how the two things coalesced and exploded with a real bang, the vibrations lasting a long while before I had to pull away.

I’m a good wife, so once I had mine, I set about giving my husband his, but he decided he was gonna be super greedy, each time he came, he wanted more. So I used my hand first then some vibrating goodness, my cunt and finally my mouth. He was insatiable. His cock just wouldn’t go down. I thought he was never going to stop…not a complaint. I enjoy giving him pleasure and to give him so much was a complete turn on for me. And a bit of a challenge, to be honest. I was determined to give him an orgasm to end all orgasms.

And I did. I was very smug about that.

He couldn’t move or speak for a while after but the smile on his face showed me there was nothing to be concerned about.

All this, orgasmic, sexual joy and fucking pleasure came from a day where we spent time having all kinds of pleasure with other people. I think that’s what you call having your cake and eating it.

I want to keep enjoying cake with my husband for the rest of our lives.