Happy Thanksgiving – I bring a gift!

jobAnd a little like the wise men, I’m bringing three of them.

Yes, yes, I know the wise men are in the Christmas story, but I couldn’t resist the comparison. I couldn’t think of anything clever that included 3 turkeys!

Actually you need to thank All Romance Ebooks for the gifts as they’ve provided not one, not two but three volumes of hot, paranormal romance for your delectation. In the three volumes are all of the 32 just one bite contest entries including my winning entry First Time Fang Bang. I never get tired of typing that. :)

All three volumes are available to download NOW for free from All Romance Ebooks!

First Time Fang Bang is in Volume 2 but I encourage you to download and enjoy them all!

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate from this Brit who is thankful for every reader of her works. You guys are all awesome!