Happy St George's Day!


He Slayed a dragon you know. In my county quite a big thing is made of St.George’s day, I like that. I like the festive air around the place, the Red cross flags and the cakes, baloons and red roses you see everywhere. St Patrick gets a huge worldwide party so I don’t see why we shouldn’t party for St. George too.

Now talking about Partying, I’ve been doing the happy dance all week with The Point finally being released from Total-E-Bound. And I’m here to spread the word about my Vamp and my competitions! I’m sure St. George won’t mind me using this post to plug some quality made in England smut, do you? ;)

If you’re a vamp fan then The Point this is a must have for you, but even if you’re not, give it a go because the story is romantic, the sex is sizzling and the anticipation is delicious. I promise you’ll love it. Yes, I have to warn you that blood is in fact shed, but I am pretty sure my story won’t give you bad dreams!

Now, on to my Competitions! Over on my NEW food blog Cuisinelingus. I detailed two recipes for drinks to celebrate the release of The Point with. One a raspberry smoothie and the other a wicked rum and ice cream cocktail which is in desperate need of a name. This is where you come in!

Name That Cocktail and you could win an awesome prize. Your Cocktail name will feature in a future Point Vamp story AND you will get your name in the acknowledgements at the beginning of the book. You’ll also get a prie package containing a Point T-shirt, Magnet, signed Mini book mark, a secret vampiric treat And $15 to spend on eBooks at Total-e-Bound. Just email me your suggestions at victoria @ victoriablisse. co. uk (without spaces) or leave your cocktail name in a comment on this post!

But the prize winning doesn’t stop there. There are two other Blisseful vamp prizes consisting of $10 to spend on eBooks at Total-e-Bound, magnet, signed mini book mark, sweet secret vampiric treat, and other assorted Blisse goodies. To win one of these you must promote this competition on Facebook or Twitter and/or upload a photo of yourself drinking A ‘The Point’ Cocktail (I’ll be so glad to get a decent name for this!) or a ‘The Point’ Smoothie to the Victoria Blisse Fan page on Facebook or by emailing a photo to me at victoria @ victoriablisse. co. uk (without spaces)

so to recap. There are 3 prizes to win and three ways to win.

1, Name my Vampiric cocktail.
2, post about my competition at facebook or Twitter.
3, upload a photo of yourself drinking a The Point Smoothie or The Point Cocktail (recipes can be found on Cuisinelingus) to my facebook fan page or email it to me.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! I look forward to hearing your suggestions and seeing your photos!