Happy Birthday to me! #giveaway

Yep, I’m 21 again…today is my birthday.


Lots of great people were born today. Thelonious Monk, David Lee Roth, Giuseppe Verde and Harold Pinter that I know of and probably many more. I love birthdays, especially my own. I never worry about getting older, why should I, I can’t stop it and I just enjoy being the Birthday girl for the day.

But I’d love to give YOU a present. Yep, I want all my friends and readers to join in with my celebrations today and I’m going to give away TEN ebooks! All you’ve got to do is comment on this post. If yours is one of the ten picked then you’ll get a copy of Fulfill Me, Switching the Control or Making it Real you’ll be able to pick!

Now if you’d like to give me a present I will happily accept likes on any of the above titles or any of my books on my Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk. And of course if you’d like to buy one of my books I’d be thrilled!

A happy birthday, a smile or a hug are also acceptable presents. I love ’em all!

So comment to win one of my 10 prizes. Winners will be contacted by email tomorrow afternoon!