Great News and another Brill Review!

So, I was minding my own business doing typical authorly things on Wednesday morning when there was a knock at my door. I ran to open it (as you do) and was greeted by the postman who was holding a huge white jiffy bag in his hands for me.

Next, of course I ripped open the bag and was greeted by a delicious yet surprising scent of Mint Toffees and there was something extra specially special.


My first novel.

Yes, I’ve had a print anthology of my work before and have had my work appear in several anthologies too but this is my first novel and I’m rather proud of it.

Tempting Rendezvous is the 3 Rubenesque Rendezvous Novellas combined into one print volume and will be available soon from Xcite. In fact if you make it to London Next Friday & Saturday you can get your copy and get it signed by yours truly at the SH!Book Launch on Friday and Erotica! on Saturday.

I get a buzz every time I have a release but there is something very special about seeing the words you’ve written in a real bound proper published book!


So this Brings me on quite nicely on to a great new review |I’ve got in for Seductive Rendezvous which is the second book of the series and has just recently been released. Here’s what the lovely Lynn Reynolds has to say

“This is a series you will want to read again – it’s a must have for your collection… The scenes are beautifully written and the heat level goes up – you just can’t put it down. You will definitely want to read the third book when it comes out.”

So if you want to see what excited Lynn so much you can pick up Seductive Rendezvous today!